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What To Do If Your Paint Protection Film Turns Yellow

What To Do If Your Paint Protection Film Turns Yellow

Paint protection film has the potential to change colour over time due to certain factors. But what does this mean? Is it still useable? Is it dangerous? Should it be replaced? We will have all of these answers and more.

In this blog, we are going to tell you what to do if your paint protection film turns yellow.

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Why and how does paint protection film turn yellow?

When it comes to modern PPF (paint protection film) it does not typically turn yellow over time. This is more common when it comes to lower-quality or older paint protection films. But what causes this to happen?

There are two reasons why this can take place, which we will break down below.

Reason 1: Adhesive breakdown

With early PPF formulations, the adhesives that were used to bond the film to the car’s exterior were susceptible to degradation from UV light exposure. Over time, this prolonged exposure caused the adhesive to break down and release chemicals that made its way to the surface of the PPF.

As a result, the PPF could be seen to have a yellow or even brown tinge, which can be very unappealing and potentially reduce the protective qualities of the PPF.

Reason 2: Absorbing contaminants

Some older PPF materials were known to be more porous, which allowed airborne contaminants to become trapped within the film. The contaminants can include exhaust fumes, road grime, industrial pollutants and more, would accumulate over time which would eventually result in the yellowish tint.

Signs your PPF is becoming yellow

Aside from the obvious colour change, there are other signs that your PPF has become contaminated. This includes:

  • Hazing — The film may appear to be cloudy and hazy rather than having its original level of clarity.
  • Brittleness — In some cases, usually the most severe, the film can become brittle and lose its flexibility.

What to do if your paint protection film turns yellow

How Can Car Specialist Customs Help You?

Unfortunately, if your paint protection film has turned yellow, or is in the process of doing so, it is not possible to undo the process. Yellowing occurs after a significant time being exposed to contaminants and UV rays has taken place.

If your paint protection film has turned yellow, your only option in fixing the issue is the removal and professional installation of a modern paint protection film.

If you want to, you are still able to use the PPF even if it is yellow, however, you run the risk of using a PPF that may not be as effective as it is intended to be. What’s more is that if the film begins to harden and become brittle, you are not only making it harder to take off your car, but losing any worthwhile protection that the film could offer.

We believe you should replace your PPF as soon as you notice yellowing. But at the same time, make note of how the installation of that PPF, the kind of PPF it was, and any maintenance you did or did not do.

By having an understanding of the process your previous PPF was exposed to, you put yourself in a better position when it comes to understanding what you should do or not do when you replace the PPF. Additionally, speaking to a professional can greatly aid in helping you to understand what to avoid when it comes to maintaining your PPF to the best possible standard.

Can I stop my PPF from turning yellow?

Yes. The prevention comes from the start though, if you already have PPF applied, and it isn’t top quality, you may be out of luck. However, if you are yet to install PPF on your vehicle, modern high-quality PPF has the following traits that help to severely limit any yellowing. These are:

  • Improved adhesives that are resistant to UV rays.
  • Topcoat protection comes as standard with most modern PPF, this prevents any contaminants from spoiling the film.
  • Ensure the PPF is installed professionally to limit any chance of your PPF having any susceptible areas due to a poor installation.
  • Ensure your maintenance is in line with the requirements for your PPF, if not, it can lead to the PPF peeling, leaving it open to be contaminated and eventually turn yellow.

Does professional PPF installation help to stop it going yellow?

Does professional PPF installation help to stop it going yellow?

Although maintenance is a determining factor of your PPF turning yellow, having a proper installation will also help to prevent this.

The best way to apply paint protection film is through a professional, as their expertise, equipment, and experience will secure a perfect and professional placement quickly.

If you want quality paint protection film to be applied professionally, it is worth visiting a reputable installer such as Car Specialist Customs. There are many benefits gained from getting a professional installation from a service like ours. This includes…

  • Pricing is relevant to the size and shape of the car.
  • Professional installation ensures complete coverage, or to specification.
  • Use of the right equipment and PPF, ensuring a lasting, top-quality paint protection film.
  • Answers to any queries, including maintenance/dos and don’ts.
  • A quick installation (depending on the vehicle size and customisations).
  • Installation takes place in a clean indoor space, which is the optimum environment for PPF installation.
  • You have a point of reference to return to should any issues arise.

Replace your paint protection film today

Replace your paint protection film today

Our team members at Car Specialist Customs are extremely passionate and proud of the multiple services and products we provide for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

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In this blog, we hope to have shown you what to do if your paint protection film turns yellow. Whilst also providing supplementary information that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to investing in customisation options for your vehicle.

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