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Protect your vehicle with a Pandora alarm system against the latest relay theft, OBD port and key cloning theft.

Pandora offers the most comprehensive security systems available on the market. Remote start or immobilise your car from your phone with 4G connectivity or Bluetooth 5.0 . Pandora has the strongest immobilisation possible secured with 128bit encryption. Intelligent sensors constantly checking for dual shock, tilt or motion protecting your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering.

Anti hijack. Battery backup sirens. Hands free arming & disarming, real time tracking and much more. Pandora offers every feature possible for the ultimate protection.


Once your new car alarm is installed, you’ll have one less worry in your life.

What is a Pandora Alarm?

Pandora Alarms are one of the best anti-theft devices that you can buy for your vehicle. It is a security system which protects your car from wheel jacking, towing, tampering and hijacking. Pandora is renowned for being one of the world’s most advanced and experienced car alarm manufacturers, so their products use the very best technology to guarantee safety for your car.

The Pandora Alarm is fitted with the strongest immobilization possible; it comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, which are electronic devices that stop the car from starting without the correct key or fob. If a thief tries to steal the car by using the wrong key or fob, it activates the immobiliser, which tells the engine not to start. Even if the Pandora alarm is somehow removed, your vehicle will remain immobile.

According to Pandora engineers, it will be almost 20 years before the technology exists which can crack the encryption of this alarm.

Where are Pandora car alarms made?


Every Pandora system comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, and we use the hardest to bypass methods. Even if the tiny, discrete Pandora unit is somehow removed, your vehicle is still immobile.

Everything in Pandora uses 128bit encryption. This prevents code-grabbing or relay boosting, so there’s superior security all round with no easy way around the systeme.

With apps for iOS and Android for phones, tablets and smart watches, you’re connected to your vehicle more easily than ever. Change settings, adjust sensors, or view status information such as battery voltage.

Full car jacking protection. Anti-hijack automatically activates to keep you and your loves ones safe, and prevent your vehicle from getting too far. Smart, simple and super effective.

The Pandora alarm systems come with dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors which protect your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering. These use special algorithms, with customisable sensitivity for completely bespoke alarm activations for each vehicle.

Pandora’s engine blocking feature offers the ultimate security. Completely immobilise your vehicle, even if a thief knows your unique code or has a programmed ID tag.

Pandora offers the only premium systems with this technology, revolutionising the vehicle security market. Increased range, data transfer speeds, reliability and control.

Whether it’s immobilising your vehicle, remote starting, arming or disarming, you can command and control your vehicle at any given time, wherever you are. It’s more than cool, or convenient. It’s the future of premium security.

Customisable notifications mean you’re always connected to your vehicle, wherever you are. Your Pandora system will text, call and send app alerts straight to your mobile, as soon as an event happens.



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