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Car Specialist Customs provides a professional car window tinting service in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Our Methods are a prodigy of our experience within the industry, allowing us to give an unparalleled finish other workshops simply cannot match.

We are fully insured for liability, know your vehicle is in safe hands. Car Specialist Customs wont be beaten on price and quality.






70% Legal Limit

50% Light Smoke

35% Medium Smoke

20% Dark Smoke (Recommended)

5% Limo Black

Book with confidence knowing every window tint installation comes with our comprehensive warranty and quality assurance guarantee.


Tinting your vehicle can instantly change its appearance adding the perfect level of class. We stock a range of different films meaning we have something for everyone

UV rays have numerous damaging effects on your car interior but most importantly your skin. The film installed reduces fading and protects your skin by blocking out harmful rays.

The films used reduces heat by reflecting the solar energy of the sun, in your vehicle this can reduce heat by up to 60%. You and even your pets can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are with the added benefit of less strain on your air-conditioning, saving you money along the way.

With a variety of window tint shades, you can gain a substantial amount of privacy. Darker shades are perfect for protecting your contents, children and belonging from unwanted eyes.

Our Window tinting Rochdale workshop location has many different window tinting options that will keep prying eyes from seeing inside your vehicle. It will also keep thieves from peeking inside to see if there is anything worth stealing.

No more being dazzled by the sun during the day or those bright lights at night, our film can reduce strain on your eyes maintaining your vision and maximising your safety on the roads.

If you’re searching online for a window tinting Rochdale workshop then you probably haven’t considered safety.

Did you know that when window tinting film is applied to the glass it adds additional protection? If you’re ever in a car accident, the shattered glass will adhere to the window film, protecting you and your family from cuts and abrasions.

The same is also true if a burglar tries to break into your vehicle while you’re at home or at work. The film will hold the broken glass in place. While it won’t keep out a determined thief with big tools, most burglars will be too spooked and give up.

This will also decrease the clean up after such an attempt.

All our window tint films add security by reducing visibility into the vehicle as well as making it increasingly difficult for thieves to break in to.

What Kind Of Window Tint Should I Choose?

Choose which kind of tint is best for you. The film inside window tints can be made of different materials: you can get a ceramic film, metallised window film, carbon film, dyed window film, and hybrid tint film.

  • Ceramic tint offers the best result out of all window tints. It contains tiny nano-ceramic particles that are invisible to the naked eye but are strong enough to block 99% of the sun’s damaging Ultraviolet rays. Considered the overall best window tint.
  • Metallised window tint is comprised of metallic particles, which reflect heat. It is scratch-resistant and shinier than other window tints. However, metallised window tint can interfere with mobile phones and radio transmissions.
  • Carbon tint comes with a matte black finish and does not contain metal properties. It blocks infrared light from entering the car and helps keep your car cooler, meaning you can save on air conditioning costs.
  • Dyed window film is a window tint that has been coated with dyes to create darkness or colour. Dyed window tints come in all colours but are mostly black, grey, blue or purple.
  • The hybrid tint film is made using both metallised tints and dyed tints. It looks opaque from the outside and is cheaper than metallised window tint.

At What Percentage Do Tints Look Best?

The best window tint percentage will vary, depending on your preference.

The lower the visible light transmission (VLT), the darker the tint will be. So, a car window tint percentage of 5% will be considerably darker than a window with 30% VLT.

The five standard grades of VLT are 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%.

  • 70% is the lightest possible tint. It blocks out a lot of sunlight, without sacrificing visibility. Best window tint for visibility.
  • 50% is darker than 70%. It still allows you to see through the windows but it blocks out sunlight really well.
  • 35% is darker than 50%. It is ideal for security inside the car and for keeping the car cool from the heat.
  • 20% is the darkest tint you can get without being completely opaque. It significantly reduces light and is ideal for people who want privacy.
  • 5% is the darkest possible tint that you can get. It completely blocks out all light, making it impossible to see through the car windows. It is ideal for people who don’t mind sacrificing visibility because they want maximum privacy.

How Dark Can I Tint My Front Windows?

Legally, vehicles first used on 1 April 1985 or later must have a front windscreen that lets in at least 75% of light through. The front side windows must let at least 70% of the light through.

For vehicles first used before 1 April 1985, the front windscreen and front side windows must let at least 70% of light through.

You could face a penalty if your car windscreen or windows are incorrectly tinted. It is illegal to fit or sell glass that breaks the rules on tinted windows. It is also illegal to sell a vehicle already fitted with glass that breaks the rules.

How Dark Can I Tint My Back Windows?

There are no legal requirements for the tint of a back window or back passenger windows.

Car Specialist Customs will always advise you with legal recommendations for window tinting, take a browse through our options to see how you can add the next level of elegance to your car. Still unsure? Check out some alternatives below.



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When shopping for car window tints in Manchester, there are a few different options to choose from.

You can decide on the level of tint you want. The five main options include: 70% Legal Limit, 50% Light Smoke, 35% Medium Smoke, 20% Dark Smoke, and 5% Limo Black.

You can decide how much light blockage you’d like at your car window tints Manchester location, and proceed from there.

If you’ve been considering getting a window tint for your vehicle, car window tints in Bolton Manchester will provide a quality service within a reasonable timeframe, so you can get your sick car back on the road.

Installation time can range between 1 – 3 hours depending on how many windows are being tinting and the complexity of the job.

On the inside. The film is initially laid on the outside of the car’s windows, heat shrunk and cut out to fit.  It is then installed on the inside of the windows.

Washing your windows straight after having it tinted may add enough moisture to impede the drying process especially on frameless windows, we always recommend holding off for at least 2 -3 days.

It is recommended to leave the windows up for at least 3 – 5 days after having tints installed. If windows are rolled down while the film is still curing to the glass, there is a slight chance the tint could peel off.

Water Bubbles occur as a normal part of the application process, as water gets trapped in between the window and the film. Majority will disappear within the first week and the film should be 100% cured within 3-4 weeks, any longer and it’s a sign of poor application.

Our prices range from £70 – £200 depending on your vehicle and what exactly you would like tinting. For a no obligation quote contact us.