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How Long Does It Take to Install Exo Shield

How Long Will Exo Shield Last?

Whether you have purchased a new car or you wish to customise your existing one, protecting your windscreen is highly beneficial to minimise the risk of unwanted damage such as cracks and further breakage.

The Exo Shield is a comprehensive solution to protecting your windscreen from damage. Expertly manufactured with durability in mind, the Exo Shield is a smart solution to introducing damage coverage to your vehicle’s windscreen.

When committing to Exo Shield as your number one windscreen protection source, customers may wish to understand some more about the installation process and its efficiency. So, how long exactly does it take to install?

Here at Car Specialist Customs, we believe in our customers making an informed purchase based on their personal needs so we have put together an informative guide on just how long it takes to install the revolutionary Exo Shield.

What is Exo Shield?

Exo Shield is a premium protective film that provides high levels of protection from road debris and scratches. These types of unwanted environmental factors can cause all types of damage to your windscreen- ranging from small chips to severe cracks.

The idea of Exo Shield is to reduce the need for repairs or replacement of your vehicle windscreen. The carefully manufactured film is apple directly to the outside of your windscreen to provide a protective shield of exceptional quality.

Installing Exo Shield on your vehicles can dramatically increase the longevity of your windscreen meaning you can drive with extra peace of mind knowing your windscreen is protected at optimum levels.

The Installation process

Installing Exo Shield can be done at home, or for the best results, we recommended having it installed by a highly trained professional, just like our team at Car Specialist Customs. The typical installation process for Exo Shield is outlined below:

  1. Your installation expert will take time to thoroughly clean your original windscreen to ensure it is free of dirt and dust. This allows the adhesive to stick properly to the surface. Without cleaning the surface, you may not get maximum results.
  2. In order to protect the surrounding areas of your vehicle, they are taped careful to preserve their original state. This avoids any unnecessary scratches or damage during the installation process.
  3. Once the surface area is cleaned and taped, the installation technician will now begin to cut the film to the correct size to fit your windscreen. Depending on the installation company, this may be done by hand or by a computer.
  4. After the cutting process is over, the film, of the correct size, can now be aligned to fit the windscreen. If this step is skipped then neat application of the Exo Shield will likely not be achieved.
  5. Once aligned, the technician may use a squeegee or a heat gun to slowly and carefully stick the film to the windscreen. During this process the installation expert is aiming to fit the Exo Shield with complete precision, free of air bubbles and creases.
  6. If there are any excess areas of Exo Shield film, these will now be cut off with care.
  7. Now the Exo Shield is installed, the installer will give the windscreen one final clean to ensure it is free of any dust or residue from the installation process.

Your brand new Exo Shield is now fully installed. However, the after-care process is just begins. To make sure your Exo Shield lasts as long as possible, you should follow the correct advice from your trained installation technician carefully and in full.

Things You Should Know About Exo Sheilds

The Curing Process

Now that your Exo Shield has been installed correctly, you must ensure you allow the film time to cure. The curing process allows the adhesive from the Exo Shield to bond with your original windscreen. This process is essential and should not be missed, it ensures maximum longevity of the product.

You should allow the product 24 hours to cure completely to avoid any peeling or movement of the Exo Shield film. During this time period, you are still able to drive but you should be mindful and take extra care.

However, you must ensure that you do not attempt to unwind any windows or move any surfaces that the Exo Shield technology has been attached to.

Professional Installation VS. DIY Installation

Deciding how you wish to install your new Exo Shield should be thought about carefully before the installation process begins.

DIY Installation

Typically, it is not recommended that Exo Shield is installed at home on a DIY basis. The only time this should be considered is if you have tint and wrap installation experience and you possess the correct tools to do so.

Choosing to install Exo Shield yourself could be very costly if it is not done correctly.

Professional Installation

You should strongly consider finding a reputable Exo Shield installation specialist in your local area. Professional installation specialists will have received expert training to ensure they are fully qualified to install Exo Shield correctly. Installation specialists will have the correct tools and equipment to ensure an efficient and safe installation process.

The Car Specialist Customs team are highly trained and fully competent in delivering the safe application of Exo Shield to your vehicles.

How Long Does It Take To Install Exo Shield?

Installing Exo Shield can take more or less time depending on your vehicle and the experience of your installation expert. On average, the full installation process can take up to one hour, however, this is only a guideline. Some factors that could affect the installation process time are:

  • The size of the windscreen
  • The type of Exo Shield being used
  • The experience of the Exo Shield Installer
  • The availability of staff at the installation company
  • The amount of people installing the Exo Shield

How Much Does Installing Exo Shield Cost?

The total price of installing Exo Shield will vary based on the company, the type of film and the requirements for your vehicle. On average, Exo Shield can cost between £200-£800, but this will vary.

It is a good idea to reach out to your chosen installation company for a bespoke quote. Contact Car Specialist Customs for a no-obligation quote today.

Why Choose Exo Shield?

There are multiple benefits to choosing Exo Shield as your windscreen protection provider. Some of these include:

  • The sleek, clear design of the Exo Shield means the film will not obstruct your view of the road in any way.
  • It is completely road legal due to minimal tinting.
  • It can provide UV protection.
  • It minimises the probability of scratching, cracks and chips to your windscreen.
  • Decreases the likelihood of having to have your windscreen repaired or replaced.

In Summary

Exo Shield is an innovative alternative to windscreen protection, providing a high level of coverage and protection. The overall installation process is efficient and non time consuming, meaning it is an effective solution to avoiding chips, cracks and scratches. You can achieve maximum protection in less than a day.

Reach out to Car Specialsit Customs today to discuss installing Exo Shield on your vehicle.

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