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Things You Should Know About Exo Shields

Things You Should Know About Exo Sheilds

When it comes to purchasing a car, it is often seen as an investment. So, perhaps it seems wise to protect your car as best as possible to avoid any type of unwanted damage.

The windscreen is regularly a prime location for damage, including cracking, staining, and other types of marks. It is essential to protect the windscreen fully to increase its longevity so you can continue to drive safely with peace of mind that your car is well-protected from road hazards.

The Exo Shield is the perfect solution for protecting your windscreen from things such as scratches, road debris, and other forms of damage. By installing Exo Shield on your car, you are protecting your windscreen in a stylish and sleek way.

Installed to the surface of your windscreen, the Exo Shield neatly coats the windscreen surface to provide a layer of durable protection; providing premium resistance from physical damage, that at times can often be unavoidable.

At Car Specialist Customs, we understand the importance of protecting your car from practical damage as well as making it look good. Here’s everything you need to know about Exo Shield, so you can protect your car’s windscreen.

What is an Exo Shield?

Exo Shield is a premium windscreen protection film that was created with durability and longevity in mind.

The clear film can be installed to fit your car’s windscreen perfectly, allowing you to drive with reassurance that your car windscreen is protected from flying rocks hitting your screen, scratching the glass, and even other types of road debris.

A cracked windscreen is nothing short of an inconvenience, which in turn will cost you money to either repair or replace your windscreen- the Exo Shield strives to avoid this from the moment it is installed on your windscreen.

The Benefits of Exo Shield

There are many benefits to installing Exo Shield on your vehicle windscreen. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increases resistance by protecting the windscreen from road debris and windscreen cracks.
  • Exo Shield is a clear film with visibility in mind. Your visibility will remain the same with Exo Shield installed.
  • Exo Shield is made from a durable material that is made to last.
  • Like a regular window tint, Exo Shield may offer UV protection to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from fading and to avoid any unwanted damage from natural sunlight.
  • The Exo Shield is fully road legal, even with UV protection which can slightly tint your windscreen.

What Type of Damage Could My Windscreen Incur?

Some types of physical damage from the road are unavoidable, so it’s important to have windscreen protection from the beginning to avoid causing damage to your windscreen. Some common types of damage are:

  • Loose road debris
  • Flying rocks
  • Items were thrown out of windows by passing drivers
  • Driving at speed
  • Physical damage from passing vehicles such as grit trucks or tarmac lorries

No matter the type of damage, installing Exo Shield before the damage can be incurred will save you further money on windscreen repairs in the future.

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How Much Does Exo Shield Cost?

The price of Exo Shield is subject to many factors including the model of your car, the type of Exo Shield you wish to be installed on your car, and the place you are purchasing it from.

In the United Kingdom, the average cost of Exo Shield can range between £200-£800, however, this could be more or less depending on your personal requirements. It is important to remember that having your Exo Shield professionally installed will increase the cost more.

At Car Specialist Customs, we strive to provide competitive pricing on our Exo Shield installation services. The best way to get an accurate idea of costing, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

What Is The Difference Between Exo Shield and Regular Window Tint?

Exo Shield is completely different from regular window tint. Whilst they can be easily compared or confused, the Exo Shield has protection at the forefront of its ethos. The scratch-resistant and durable film offers complete protection, however, regular window tint is more aesthetically pleasing when it comes to customising your car.

It is important to bare in mind that both Exo Shields and window tints have their own benefits and disadvantages. Ultimately, which one you choose will depend on your needs and personal preference.

How Is Exo Shield Installed?

Exo Shield is attached to the surface of your windscreen. It can either be applied at home or you can get in touch with a specially trained Exo Shield installer who can oversee the installation for you and ensure it is done correctly.

Cleaning The Windscreen

The windscreen will, at first, be cleaned thoroughly to remove any dust or debris. This accommodates a clean application. The cleaning process is vital as applying Exo Shield to a dirty windscreen could affect how well the covering bonds with the outside of the windscreen.


The areas surrounding the windscreen are then taped to ensure they are well protected from any unwanted damage and scratching from the tools used in the Exo Shield application process.

Cutting of The Exo Shield

The Exo shield is then carefully cut to size to fit your windscreen perfectly.


The Exo Shield will be lined up meticulously to ensure the correct and neat application on the windscreen surface. This step is essential to ensure the Exo Shield fits and looks good once applied to the car. Installation experts will have the correct tools and equipment to ensure proper alignment.

Attaching To The Windscreen

Once the Exo Shield is properly aligned to the windscreen with the adhesive side facing towards the windscreen surface, a smoothing tool can be used to carefully adhere the film to the windscreen. This allows the film to be installed free of air bubbles. For most surfaces a squeegee can be used, however, for curved surfaces a heat gun allows a better application free of bumps and air bubbles.

Trimming Any Excess

If there is any excess film, this will now need to be trimmed off to ensure a neat application.

A Final Clean

Now the Exo Shield has been carefully applied, it can be cleaned again to remove any dist or excess adhesive, for example.

The Curing Process

Whilst the installation is now complete, your newly installed Exo Shield must now be left to cure for at least 24 hours. The car may be driven, but you should take extra special care. If the Exo Shield is applied to the front and rear windows of your car, you should avoid rolling them down during the curing time. This vital step in the process ensures that the Exo Shield adhesive has fully bonded with your windscreen surface.

How Long Will Exo Shield Last?

How Long Will Exo Shield Last?

The longevity of your Exo Shield will depend on a few factors including:

  • The installation process
  • The care you take after it is installed
  • The quality of the product
  • The competency of the installer

Exo Shield products are carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards, meaning Exo Shield takes pride in the quality of the product installed on your vehicle. Each product comes with a warranty of its own. These range from two to twelve years depending on what you are purchasing.

In Summary

The Exo Shield is a premium, high-quality addition to your car customisation plans. It allows you to drive with peace of mind knowing your windscreen is protected from any unwanted damage from road debris and scratches. Exo Shield, once installed, can minimise the cost of having to repair any future windscreen damage.

How Can Car Specialist Customs Help?

Car Specialist Customs have adopted a passion for car customisation services in and around Greater Manchester. We offer a comprehensive range of services to suit all of your automotive needs. We can help you with the following:

No matter your requirements, we provide exceptional service at affordable prices. We see each customer’s needs as unique, therefore we tailor our services to suit the needs of your car. Reach out today and see how we can help you. For inquiries, contact us via our website or email us at, or call us on 0161 524 4297. Our friendly team would be delighted to help you further.

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