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If your car is stolen, you will be keen to see it returned to you as quickly as possible but of course, many cars that are stolen are never returned to their owner. This means having your car stolen can be highly inconvenient and very costly in the long run.

The fact is that there are modern car alarms that will protect your vehicle from theft, but if it is stolen, will you be able to get it back again quickly?

Installing vehicle trackers in Manchester can help you to get your vehicle back if it’s stolen and give you peace of mind.







Here at CSC we offer a great range of products to suit all of your vehicle tracking and security needs.
Whether your insurance company has requested a tracker or you wish to fit one for your own peace of mind,
our team of experts will work with you to ensure you can get the right system for you.


S5 Plus VTS



SmarTrack S5 D-iD



Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock




Purchase Unit From Our Shop

Select from our wide range of products.

Arrange a Fitting

Your unit can be fitted at home or work, or at our workshop

Get Yourself Set Off

Our team will work with you upon handover to get your systems all set up and ready to use


Thatcham approved

Compliant with UK insurer Thatcham Security Certified (TSC) criteria.

Thatcham approved

24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by a dedicated Monitoring Team, Upon unauthorised move-ment detection, the device discretely notifies the Monitoring centre of a possible theft.

European Coverage

Tracking cover throughout the UK and Europe is included as standard with no additional set-up or hidden charges.

Mobile Tracking App

Mobile app allows you to remotely access and manage security, safety and convenience features from the push of a button.


Multi GNSS (GPS, GLONASS & Galileo) satellite technology coupled with multi-network roaming GSM technology provides accuracy and reliability.

Driver Recognition

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags to provide immediate theft detection if the vehicle is stolen.

Remote Immobilisation

In the event of a vehicle theft, the Monitoring Team can remotely immobilise the vehicle. Preventing the engine from being restarted.

Journey Reports

Generate latest and historical journey reports.

Multiple Alerts

Receive early warning theft alerts based on ignition, GNSS, ADR tag & battery status – plus alerts if the vehicle is towed or moved using a transporter.

GEO Fence Alerts

Set geofence locations to get in-app alerts or generate reports when vehicles enter and exit these locations.

What is the best car tracker to buy?

When it comes to knowing which car tracker to buy, it is best to know your budget and what your specific needs are, considering we have shared our entry-level tracker and our most premium tracker, we feel we should share some information on 5 more car trackers that you can buy today.

What is a vehicle tracker used for?

Vehicle trackers are a popular choice for road users for various reasons. Our own collection of vehicle trackers showcases just how diverse these products are, with a selection of sizes and models available depending on your individual needs.  

Before you choose which form of tracker you want to invest in, we recommend having a think about why you want one as this will determine the best vehicle tracker for you. 

Vehicle tracking devices can be used for many things, including the following:

Improve safety – The benefit that may spring immediately to mind is improved safety for your vehicle and passengers. A premium tracker will keep you in the know by providing real-time updates that let you know what is happening with your vehicle. When used alongside a Pandora alarm or CCTV system, you can also further improve the protection that a vehicle has.

If your car is stolen, being aware of its movements as soon as it happens gives police the best chance of recovering it. Unfortunately, only 28% of stolen vehicles are found, so taking this risk into your own hands by installing a tracker is a great idea. 

Safety benefits also include being able to monitor your car’s performance better. Even though this is inbuilt for many modern vehicles, it is not available for all, so live diagnostics are a brilliant safety benefit. With more than 7000 cars breaking down daily in the UK, staying on top of your motor’s health is essential if you don’t want to be stuck at the side of the road waiting for support!

Saving money – Installing a vehicle tracker can save you on insurance premiums, as the added features reduce the likelihood of companies paying out for stolen vehicles. They can also save you money in other ways, such as by improving fuel efficiency and highlighting any motoring needs before they arise.

Corporate journey tracking – Vehicle trackers are also commonly used by corporate clients. They allow a full history of journeys to be collated, which is important for aspects such as managing employee expenses and checking for tracking down the location of your staff when they are on the clock. This simple piece of technology means you can have a handle on a large team of employees at any one time. 

You can also benefit from Geofence alerts as a vehicle tracker lets you pre-programme approved locations for your vehicles to visit. If a driver is travelling somewhere wrong or heading to an unsafe location unknowingly, the alerts mean you can fix an issue before it happens.  

Whatever your reason for wanting to install this piece of motoring technology, all of the uses have one thing in common, an increase in user safety. 



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A car tracker is installed inside your vehicle and works with GPS technology. Already, most product or service delivery companies and couriers use GPS tracking in their vehicles.

GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”. This technology has been around since the 60s, and was originally created for military use. It became available for commercial use in the 80s.

Basically, a car or vehicle tracker can provide information to a computer receiver about where the vehicle is located. If the vehicle is on the move, it can track its movement.

Car trackers in Manchester is a great way to protect your valuable investment, as even if you have insurance, it may not fully cover the costs of having to buy a brand-new vehicle should yours be stolen.

If you’re searching for vehicle trackers for sale, then you may wonder how it works. All GPS works with what is called the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network.

This connects to satellites that orbit our planet and communicate back and forth with satellite receivers on the Earth.

The satellites orbit the Earth every 12 hours. There are also backup satellites, should any of the first 24 fail.

There are generally two types of GPS tracking systems: commercial and passive.

Generally, personal vehicles will be fine with passive tracking that simply finds where a vehicle is at, whereas commercial trucks would need commercial GPS tracking to monitor a wide range of aspects, including timeframes and employee monitoring.

The information you can gain from commercial tracking can be the current location of the truck or taxi cab, as well as the direction it is travelling down the road/street/highway, and the time and speed.

If a vehicle is stolen, this information can be collected from the computer received app and provided to the police, who can investigate and get your vehicle back.

And the sooner you report the theft, the sooner that you’ll get your vehicle back without any damage.

If you’re searching for vehicle trackers for sale then you want to have it installed correctly in your vehicle.

You should choose a vehicle tracker specialist such as Car Specialist Customs who can recommend the best car or van tracker and get it installed for you.

You’re more likely to get your stolen car, van, or vehicle back in perfect condition when you buy our car trackers in Manchester.

Here at our Car Specialist Customs, we make it simple for you to have this installation done. Now that’s one less worry off your day!

This is why many drivers decide to try and take steps to minimise the impact that comes from having their car stolen. If you want to increase the chances of having your car returned to you, you should look to install the best standard of car tracker Manchester has to offer.