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5 of the Best Anti Theft Car Devices

5 of the Best Anti Theft Car Devices
5 of the Best Anti Theft Car Devices

Car theft is a seriously scary crime. You need the best anti theft car devices in order to protect your vehicles from being broken into or hacked through the keyless entry.

From 2021 to 2022, there were over 108,000 motor vehicle thefts in England and Wales, which was a huge increase when compared with the previous year.

Over the winter months, we generally see a rise in the number of vehicles being stolen. Research from the insurance provider Aviva has shown that 80% of vehicle-related thefts happen during hours of darkness; while car thefts are 10% higher from October to December.

During winter, many drivers take time to defrost their windscreens and warm the vehicle up, before they set off for their morning commute. But leaving your car unlocked and unattended is dangerous.

If you turn on your car’s engine, leave the keys in the ignition, and return back to your home while the vehicle heats up, this makes your car vulnerable. It allows easy access for criminals, who can easily jump in and drive the vehicle away.

Your car is not safe from thieves just because it is old, modest, not luxurious or not particularly valuable. Thieves across the country are eager to get their hands on any type of vehicle. Older cars are easier to steal because they have outdated security features, which make them incredibly hard to recover once they are stolen.

To keep your vehicle safe, consider investing in security devices, which offer unbreakable security.

We will outline the best anti theft car devices available on the market, to ensure the best car security for your peace of mind.

Best Anti Theft Car Devices


Pandora alarm

At Car Specialist Customs, we sell a range of Pandora alarms, which range from £499.99 to £1,350. Browse our collection of Pandora alarms on our website here.

A Pandora alarm is one of the world’s best car alarms. It prevents your car from wheel jacking, towing, tampering and hijacking.

Depending on the model, Pandora alarms offer a range of helpful security features, such as battery backup sirens, hands-free arming and disarming, and remote start capability. You can stay connected to your Pandora alarm through the accompanying free smartphone app, which notifies you through calls, texts and app alerts, helping you stay connected to your car.

The Pandora alarm is fitted with the strongest immobilization possible; it comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, which are electronic devices that stop the car from starting without the correct key or fob.

So, if a thief tries to steal the car by using the wrong key or fob, it activates the immobiliser, which tells the engine not to start. Even if the Pandora alarm is somehow removed, your vehicle will remain immobile. This makes the Pandora alarm one of the best anti theft car devices to ensure an advanced level of protection for your vehicle.

Read more about Pandora alarms in our blog article here.

Ghost Immobiliser

At Car Specialist Customs, we can supply and fit a Ghost Immobiliser to your vehicle for only £450. This is a set price for all make and models of the ghost covers.

To browse our Ghost Immobiliser installation service and pricing, visit our website here.

A Ghost Immobiliser is a unique solution to keeping your vehicles safe and secure from even the most professional of thieves. It is a highly advanced piece of technology that offers your car protection from keyless entry, key cloning, hacking and key theft.

The Ghost Immobiliser will not allow your car engine to start unless a unique PIN code is entered. This PIN code can be up to 20 buttons if that is what the car owner wants. Only those who know the combination of the PIN code can start the car.

So, even if a criminal has your car keys in their possession, they still will not be able to drive your car away; they will be completely stuck, with no knowledge of your unique PIN code.

The usual tactics deployed by car thieves won’t work on a Ghost Immobiliser, as the device is hidden away from plain sight and does not give away its location.

Using a free mobile app, you can disarm the immobiliser if you need to, with just a click of a finger.

A thief cannot bypass the Ghost Immobiliser in order to start the car engine. The Ghost Immobiliser can only be deactivated by entering a unique PIN code.

Therefore, a Ghost Immobiliser is one of the best anti theft car devices around, as it guarantees a high level of security, 24 hours a day.

Vehicle tracker

At Car Specialist Customs, we sell a variety of excellent vehicle trackers, which vary from £249.99 to £1,350.00.

Browse our collection of vehicle trackers on our website here to choose the right product for your vehicle’s needs.

A vehicle tracker is a GPS system which is fitted to your car. It allows you to track the location of your car, in real-time, in case someone steals your vehicle. Accurate and sophisticated, this GPS technology can usually pinpoint the exact location of the car within a three-metre radius.

Using satellite navigation, the vehicle tracker monitors the location of the car. It transmits information via satellite from the vehicle, almost instantly. Often, the vehicle tracker is paired with a smartphone app, so you can track the location of your vehicle from your phone, in real-time.

Depending on the model of the vehicle tracker, you can access different features. For example, some vehicle trackers will notify the owner via their mobile phone if their car ignition has been turned on without the use of the owner’s tag. Additionally, some vehicle trackers also display information such as the car’s temperature and fuel level, making it a very useful multifunctional system for your car.

Vehicle trackers come with a range of features which help keep your car safe and secure from intruders, as they help protect you from exploitative technology used increasingly by criminals to hack into your car.

Vehicle trackers are also fitted in company cars so that the employer can track where the employee’s vehicle is at all times. This is especially beneficial for heavy goods vehicles, so bosses can continuously monitor the location of valuable goods.

Additionally, the best vehicle trackers provide the ultimate protection against key cloning, key theft and relay attack theft methods. It is even better if the vehicle tracker requires Bluetooth Driver Detection cards to keep the car immobilised, preventing the car from being driven by any unauthorised personnel.

So, it is worth investing in a vehicle tracker, because it offers a level of protection for your car that you would not have otherwise.

Read more about Vehicle Trackers in our blog article here.

Steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is one of the most affordable and best anti theft car devices you can buy. This is a metal or plastic rod which immobilises your car’s steering wheel. It can be used on cars, vans and motorhomes.

The steering wheel lock creates a barrier, which stops the steering wheel from being moved freely. Convenient and easy to install, a steering wheel lock is a brilliantly visible deterrent for your car.

Thieves will walk past your car and see the steering lock with their own eyes, and realise that they won’t be able to drive the car away freely. Even if the thief manages to bypass the steering wheel lock, having it there will slow them down greatly.

Some steering wheel locks come with a noisy alarm, which signals the driver if their car has been broken into. Also, there are some locking devices available that secure both your steering wheel and your brake pedal together, making it a really useful anti theft device.

If your steering wheel lock is Thatcham approved, you may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance- speak to your insurance provider to see if they can accommodate this.


Protective key case

Locking your car and storing the car keys in a drawer is not enough protection for your car, because criminals are becoming increasingly advanced at hacking into cars without the use of physical keys.

Key hacking (known as relay theft) is when one thief uses an electronic car key relay box to receive the signals coming from a victim’s car key fob through the walls or windows of the victim’s house. The relay box then boosts the signal to a second device near the car, to manipulate the victim’s car into unlocking the doors. The thieves then drive the car away, in just 60 seconds.

A protective key case is one of the cheapest and best anti theft car devices. It prevents your car keys from being copied and cloned by thieves.

This protective case is a pouch or wallet, which is lined with metal. You simply place your car keys inside the protective case, and this blocks the key signals from being emitted.

You can also use these signal-blocking cases for credit cards and smartphones, which are handy for blocking hackers from exploiting your personal items.

Never leave your car keys hanging on a hook next to your front door, as thieves can easily use a wire to steal your keys through the letterbox.


We hope you now feel better informed about the best anti theft car devices available on the market.

To find out more about Car Specialist Customs, visit our website here.

We sell a range of security devices for vehicles, including Ghost immobilisers, vehicle trackers and Pandora alarms.

If you need help with choosing the best anti theft car devices for your vehicle, we would be happy to advise you. Request a quote here.

We also provide professional car window tinting services and we can fit your vehicle with a wide range of only the best window tints including light tints, Chameleon tints and starlights.

Read more articles on our blog here.

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