What Is the Best Vehicle Tracker?

What Is the Best Vehicle Tracker
What Is the Best Vehicle Tracker

If you have come across this blog, you are probably looking to find out the best vehicle tracker to keep your automobile safe. Last year, in 2021, more than 101,000 vehicles were stolen in England and Wales alone, highlighting the importance of taking extra safety measures in the form of a premium tracker. These innovative motoring accessories are also essential for helping you run your vehicle more efficiently and save you no money in the long run. 

With the global GPS tracking device market projected to reach $4.93 billion by 2028, the integration of cloud technology into vehicles is clearly a popular choice for many. Keep reading to find out more about how you can choose the best vehicle tracker for your motoring needs. 

What is a vehicle tracker used for?

Vehicle trackers are a popular choice for road users for various reasons. Our own collection of vehicle trackers showcases just how diverse these products are, with a selection of sizes and models available depending on your individual needs.  

Before you choose which form of tracker you want to invest in, we recommend having a think about why you want one as this will determine the best vehicle tracker for you. 

Vehicle tracking devices can be used for many things, including the following:

Improve safety – The benefit that may spring immediately to mind is improved safety for your vehicle and passengers. A premium tracker will keep you in the know by providing real-time updates that let you know what is happening with your vehicle. When used alongside a Pandora alarm or CCTV system, you can also further improve the protection that a vehicle has.

If your car is stolen, being aware of its movements as soon as it happens gives police the best chance of recovering it. Unfortunately, only 28% of stolen vehicles are found, so taking this risk into your own hands by installing a tracker is a great idea. 

Safety benefits also include being able to monitor your car’s performance better. Even though this is inbuilt for many modern vehicles, it is not available for all, so live diagnostics are a brilliant safety benefit. With more than 7000 cars breaking down daily in the UK, staying on top of your motor’s health is essential if you don’t want to be stuck at the side of the road waiting for support!

Saving money – Installing a vehicle tracker can save you on insurance premiums, as the added features reduce the likelihood of companies paying out for stolen vehicles. They can also save you money in other ways, such as by improving fuel efficiency and highlighting any motoring needs before they arise.

Corporate journey tracking – Vehicle trackers are also commonly used by corporate clients. They allow a full history of journeys to be collated, which is important for aspects such as managing employee expenses and checking for tracking down the location of your staff when they are on the clock. This simple piece of technology means you can have a handle on a large team of employees at any one time. 

You can also benefit from Geofence alerts as a vehicle tracker lets you pre-programme approved locations for your vehicles to visit. If a driver is travelling somewhere wrong or heading to an unsafe location unknowingly, the alerts mean you can fix an issue before it happens.  

Whatever your reason for wanting to install this piece of motoring technology, all of the uses have one thing in common, an increase in user safety. 

How do vehicle trackers work?

If you are thinking that installing this piece of technology may be complex, then we are here to confirm that you are wrong! All you need is a GPS connection, a tracking device and the tags themselves, and you are ready to drive away in complete safety.

Vehicle trackers use network satellite links to pinpoint the exact position of whatever they are connected to. This real-time data is what then is also used to report back on the usage of your car and its current performance. Depending on the model that you choose, the tracker itself can be installed in several ways, including a fixed tag, interior connection or even just an automatic link to a mobile phone.

The supporting app or tracking device can also be accessed to understand vehicle movement history. We can assure you that trackers are incredibly easy to use, whichever model you choose and for whatever reason.

What products are the best for vehicle tracking?

At Car Specialist Customs, we are huge fans of the benefits that vehicle trackers provide. That is why we have established a collection that has all bases covered. From deadlock devices to mobile tracking systems, there is something for everyone. Below we have produced a list of our best vehicle trackers that are ideal for keeping your vehicle safe:

Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock, £599.95 – £1049.95

Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock

Got an issue with your car? The Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock is no match for safety breaches because it offers the ultimate vehicle tracking protection. 

This tracker is integrated with multiple features that give the vehicle owner complete control, no matter where the car is. Not only does this system include standard GPS tracking and monitoring, but it also boasts deadlock technology which is a form of remote engine immobilisation should your vehicle be taken unexpectedly. All the features are controlled by the advanced mobile app, which also reports back on vehicle performance and any motion alerts. 

The type of tracking and security system requires drivers to be provided with one of the automatic driver recognition tags. If anyone enters the vehicle without this device, an alert will instantly be shown on the owner’s mobile app allowing instant reaction.

SmarTrack S5 +iMob, £449.99


Another popular choice that combines security with immobilisation features is the SmarTrack S5 +iMob.

Using the same scan and start method, this product allows users to connect to their vehicle using a mobile phone, which acts as their authentication card. We are fans of this tracking device also, as the mobile app is simple to use, allowing users of all digital skill levels to benefit from enhanced vehicle safety.

Meta Trak Pulsar, £349.99 – £369.99

Another great product on our “best vehicle tracker” list is the Meta Trak Pulsar is a different type of vehicle tracker that always remains in the car with no additional tags needed to activate its performance. 

This wireless product allows users to schedule a wake-up and power down time, which is ideal for conserving battery as there is nothing worse than having a tracker that has run out of energy when it is needed the most. Compatible with all mobile devices, this tracker features position request, geo fence breach, and theft modes, all of which allow the simple yet effective of any vehicle from a remote location. 

Another benefit is that the supplier Meta Trak also provides a subscription-based service. This gives the users access to a team of highly trained specialists who can swing into action if a vehicle is stolen. By using their targeted tracking system, the Meta Trak team can work directly with the police to ensure your vehicle is given the best chance of being returned safely. 

Scorpion Track S7 VTS, £299.99

Scorpion Track S7 VTS

Nothing provides a security sting better than the Scorpion Track S7 VTS.

This vehicle tracker has made our list as it showcases have subtle security can be achieved for ultimate safety. If a tracker is bold or visually available, it can cause thieves to discard the product. This form of tracker is unseen to the naked eye but boasts highly effective tracking monitoring to put vehicle owners back in control. 

Consumers have highly praised this tracker as it offers additional ‘life-supporting’ features, such as automatic car health checks to help owners stay on top of their vehicle’s performance. 

It is also an ideal product if you have multiple cars in your household, as one app can access multiple vehicles that are registered to a single account. Perfect if you have new drivers in your family or just want to enhance the safety of others, this device is a winner in our books and has made it on to our best vehicle trackers list. 

Meta Trak S7 ATS, £299.95 – £549.95


The Meta Trak S7 ATS has made our collection of the best vehicle trackers as it offers excellent driver-supporting features that far extend the traditional tracking benefits.

Alongside the real-time alerts and vehicle tracker system, the portal also allows users to gain detailed insights into driver history and access live traffic updates. Simple to install and insurance-approved, this tracker is the perfect product for the everyday road user.

Do you feel confident in how to choose the best vehicle tracker?

At Car Specialist Customs, we make it possible for everyone to protect their vehicles, no matter how much motoring knowledge they have. The best Vehicle trackers are not just a device for knowing where your car is, but they also offer valuable insights into the performance and usage of your vehicle.

Whether you are monitoring a team of employees or trying to optimise your own everyday travels, our collection has something for every need. 

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