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Are Car Alarms Still Worth It?

Car Specialist Customs offers high-quality services to personalise and protect your vehicles. As a team with years of experience in car customisation, we guarantee our attentiveness and superior expertise are precisely what your car needs.

In this blog, we will be answering the question ‘Are car alarms still worth it?” Whilst providing all the information you need on popular after-market security systems we offer which can guarantee the best levels of security available.

To know if car alarm systems are worth it, we decided it would be best to share with you one of the best car alarms we offer, The Pandora Alarm.

The Pandora Alarm

A Pandora Alarm is an after-market security solution ideal for those who want the best possible protection from thieves.

The Pandora Alarm protects your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing, hijacking and tampering. This is achieved by using not one but two immobilizers, which are electronic devices that stop the car’s engine from starting without the correct key or fob.

Pandora Alarm features

Depending on the model of the Pandora Alarm you choose, you can expect varying features such as:

  • Indoor motion sensors
  • Tilt sensors.
  • Anti-Hijack, which shuts the car engine off safely if the driver retains their Pandora BlueTooth tag in a situation where the car is hijacked from the driver.
  • Extra-strength immobilisation: The extra immobiliser with the Pandora alarm means an additional layer of security, which means thieves will be even more deterred from attempting to steal your vehicle.
  • Next-gen encryption: Everything in the Pandora alarm uses 128-bit encryption. This prevents code-grabbing or relay boosting, ensuring another comprehensive layer of security against thieves.
  • Phone notification: With the ability to customise notifications, you can be notified via call, text, or app alerts as soon as the system detected an incongruency in its environment.
  • Control from afar: Through the app, you can start your car remotely, arm or disarm the alarm system and control your vehicle regardless of where you are. Presenting the future of premium security.
  • Next-generation smart sensors: The Pandora alarm systems come with dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors, which will protect your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering. Using special algorithms with customisable sensitivity creates a unique sensor which can be adjusted to your needs, meaning your alarm won’t go off over the slightest of movements.
  • Discrete and effective: The only people who will know the location of the device is the vehicle owner (if they choose to know) and the installer. However, even if the device is somehow removed, it will still not allow the vehicle to work.

What are the three main ways to disable a car alarm?

What are the three main ways to disable a car alarm?

As technology develops, there may very well be more methods of disabling a car alarm, but here are three that are generally used.

Keyless entry manipulation

Cars with keyless entry are sometimes victims of thieves who employ technology that manipulates the signal of your key in order to enter your vehicle. This can be used even if you are inside your home. A Faraday box/pouch can block these signals.

Cutting wires

Some thieves opt for the traditional route of breaking into your vehicle and disabling the wiring needed for the alarm to work. This means they have a deeper knowledge of your vehicle to do this in the first place. In instances like this, parking in a well-lit, secure area or around CCTV will hopefully be enough of a deterrent.

Key Cloning

Key Cloning is a sophisticated process in which your key is duplicated in order to bypass the vehicle’s security system & locks etc. There are ways you can prevent this such as not letting people drive your vehicle without you around, or giving your keys to others generally.

However, for these three methods of theft, the best preventative measure is having an aftermarket security system such as the Pandora Alarm.

That being said, there is an alternative aftermarket security solution for those who don’t require every feature of the Pandora Alarm, which is The Ghost Immobiliser.

The Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser works by preventing your engine to start unless certain buttons within your car are pressed in a specific sequence, this can be from the steering wheel, the door panel or the central console. This sequence is set by the user & can be changed if needed.

The device is installed so it can not be seen, and you have the added benefit of stealth which can prevent anyone from trying to tamper with it. The device takes seconds to use, yet can save you countless hours of looking for your vehicle if it is ever attempted to be stolen.

Additional features:

  • Undetectable by thieves using diagnostics: The Ghost Immobiliser has no circuit cuts, meaning it cannot be detected by modern methods employed by a thief.
  • No radio frequencies: Thieves cannot use sophisticated RF scanning or code-grabbing technology to detect what security device your vehicle has when it does not transmit any signals like conventional security systems.
  • No more key cloning: Due to the personalised PIN you can create with the Ghost Immobiliser, if thieves have cloned keys to your vehicle, it will be impossible for them to start it because they won’t know your PIN code.

And more.

Car Specalist Customs are qualified and experienced at installing a Ghost Immobiliser for your vehicle. Head to our website for your quote to make your car secure with the Ghost immobiliser.

Are car alarms still worth it?

Are car alarms still worth it?

With 2022 seeing motor vehicle theft not slowing down, aftermarket security systems are worth considering especially if you have a premium vehicle, or vehicles that are known to have their parts stolen.

That being said, the Ford Fiesta was the most stolen car in the UK in 2022, showing that no vehicle is particularly safe from theft.

Although regular car alarms serve as a deterrent, aftermarket security can give you piece of mind, with some systems having connectivity with your phone that updates you immediately after noticing any suspicious activity.

Purchase a Car Alarm today

Purchase a Car Alarm today

Our team members at Car Specialist Customs are extremely passionate and proud of the multiple services and products we provide for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

As a fully insured and approved installer, catering to the needs of vehicle owners of Greater Manchester and beyond, we are proud to let you know that we offer services for the following:



Featuring the brands, Pandora, ScorpionTrak, Meta Trak & SmarTrack, we’ve included the affordable, and premium products to suit the needs of our customers. With finance options available, and the option of installation, head to our website to get your quote!

We always will go above expectations to make your car feel special to you. With even more services and options becoming available in the future, Car Specialist Customs is the home of making any car unique, secure and special.

We hope to have answered the question ‘Are car alarms still worth it?’ whilst providing supplementary information that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to investing in the best security system for your vehicle.

See what we can do for you today we hope our Pandora Alarm cost list helped you decide to make the right step in the security of your vehicle, head over to our website for a free, no-obligation quote for your Pandora Alarm fitting.

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