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Greater Manchester is a notorious hotspot for car-stealing criminals. In fact, vehicle theft has risen by 30% in the region– and thieves are increasingly using keyless entry methods to hack into cars and drive them away, without using the cars’ physical key fobs.

We at Car Specialist Customs understand how devastating it is when vehicles are stolen- it robs you of your prized possession, causes you distress and anguish, and can make you fearful of your safety. It also leaves you without transportation and it can bump up your insurance premiums. You may even have to go through the stress and expense of buying a new car altogether.

So, what is a reliable anti-theft device which informs you if your car has been intruded by thieves?

The solution is: a Pandora Alarm.

Read our blog posts below on Pandora Alarms to learn more about the excellent protection they offer for vehicles:


A Pandora Alarm is one of the world’s best car alarms. The security system boasts a loud, reliable siren, and it notifies you via a smartphone app if a thief tries to break into your car.

The Pandora Alarm also offers remote starting, arming and disarming, so you can command and control your vehicle at any given time, wherever you are.​

With dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors, the Pandora Alarm protects your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering.

Every Pandora Alarm comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, which keep your vehicle immobile and are undetectable by thieves.​


  • The strongest immobilisation possible– every Pandora Alarm comes with immobilisers, which cut the engine, unless a unique PIN code sequence is entered.
  • Remote immobilisation– the Pandora Alarm enables you to immobilise your vehicle, even if a thief knows your unique PIN code, or has a programmed ID tag.
  • High level encryption– to provide security against advanced theft methods such as code-grabbing and relay boosting.
  • Comprehensive mobile app for iOS and Android– using your phone, tablet or smart watch, it couldn’t be easier for you to stay connected to your car.
  • Anti-Hijack– which automatically activates and protects against car jacking.
  • Next-generation intelligent sensors– these use special algorithms to create completely bespoke alarm activations for each vehicle.
  • 4G Connectivity & Bluetooth 5.0– with increased range, data transfer speeds, reliability and control, Pandora offers the only premium systems with this technology.
  • Control your vehicle anywhere in the world– you can issue commands to your vehicle at any given time, which saves you time, effort and stress.
  • Instant phone notifications– Your Pandora system will text, call and send app alerts straight to your mobile, as soon as it detects any suspicious movement.


As you can see, Pandora Alarms are the future of premium security. They are one of the best anti-theft devices available on the market, as they ensure an advanced level of protection for your vehicle.


Here at Car Specialist Customs, the vehicle security experts can advise customers on which security device is best suitable for their car.

We also provide a full installation service and we will demonstrate exactly how to use your Pandora Alarm.

We sell a variety of Pandora alarms, which range from £499.99 to £1,350.

Browse our collection of Pandora alarms on our website here.


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Vehicle theft is alarmingly high in Greater Manchester and it is on the rise, especially during the winter months. The county also has the second-biggest problem with the theft of items from a vehicle of any area of the UK, behind London.

Most car theft cases are opportunistic- the thieves may not have targeted the vehicles specifically. But they stumbled across an opportunity to steal them because there were no anti-theft devices or physical deterrents installed in the vehicles.

Therefore, installing a Pandora Alarm in your vehicle is a smart decision.

According to Pandora engineers, it will be almost 20 years before the technology exists which can crack the encryption of this alarm. The alarm offers every feature possible for ultimate protection.

For instance, the Pandora Alarm is fitted with the strongest immobilisation possible- so even if the Pandora alarm is somehow removed, your vehicle will remain immobile.

There is no easy way for a thief to bypass a Pandora alarm- the security system is tiny, discrete, and uses 128bit encryption. This is one of the most secure and unbreakable encryption methods used in technology.

Additionally, Pandora Alarms are so convenient for everyday life- you can use any handheld device to change your car’s settings, adjust sensors or view status information such as battery voltage. This makes the Pandora Alarm a very useful multifunctional system for your car.

Therefore, Pandora Alarms are an amazing high-tech solution for immediate theft detection.

Pandora Alarms in Manchester are a great way to protect your valuable investment, even if you have insurance, as this may not fully cover the costs of having to buy a brand-new vehicle, should yours be stolen.


Car Specialist Customs is a leading vehicle security specialist based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The team has in-depth knowledge of vehicle safety and can advise you on which devices are best suited for your security needs.

Are you looking for the best Pandora Alarms in Manchester and full installation services?

Then, shop our wide range of Pandora Alarms, which you can browse here.

Contact us today and one of our vehicle security experts will be happy to arrange a fitting and demonstration of your Pandora Alarm.

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