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Keyless Car Crime: The Best Security Devices to Keep Thieves Away This Winter

Where Are Pandora Car Alarms Made?

Keyless car crime is a seriously frightening trend. In the UK, on average, a car is stolen every 10 minutes. These days, criminals are using an advanced technique called relay attack, to hack into cars and drive them away. Here, professional thieves work together to copy the signals of a victim’s car keys, disable the car’s telematics, and then manipulate the car into starting. Thieves who use this chilling method can steal a car silently, in as little as 60 seconds.​

Over the winter months, we generally see a rise in the number of vehicles being stolen. Research from the insurance provider Aviva has shown that 80% of vehicle-related thefts happen during hours of darkness; while car thefts are 10% higher from October to December.​

The vehicle security experts at Car Specialist Customs understand how devastating it is for people who have had their cars stolen through keyless entry.​

That is why the company provides Pandora Alarms and the Ghost Immobiliser, which are some of the best anti-theft vehicle devices available on the market.​

Offering unbreakable security for your vehicle, Pandora Alarms and the Ghost Immobiliser both provide excellent protection against hijacking and keyless entry.​

Ranging from £499.99 to £1,350.00, there are different Pandora Alarms to choose from. The security system boasts a loud, reliable siren, and it notifies you via a smartphone app if a thief tries to break into your car. The Pandora Alarm also offers remote starting, arming and disarming, so you can command and control your vehicle at any given time, wherever you are.​

With dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors, the Pandora Alarm protects your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering. Every Pandora Alarm comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, which keep your vehicle immobile and are undetectable by thieves.​

While, the Ghost Immobiliser is a tiny, discrete device which prevents your car engine from starting, unless a unique PIN code is entered. So, even if a thief has your car keys, they will not be able to get your vehicle engine to start!​

A surefire method to protect against thieves, the Ghost Immobiliser does not transmit any radio frequency signals, so it cannot be bypassed by professional criminals who know how to steal cars through key cloning. Supplied and fitted for only £450 at Car Specialist Customs, the Ghost Immobiliser is compatible with almost all vehicles. It is one of the most reliable security devices internationally.​

No more worrying about your car being stolen during those dark, winter nights- let the Pandora Alarm and Ghost Immobiliser do all the work for you.​

At Car Specialist Customs, the vehicle security experts can advise customers on which security device is best suitable for their car and provide a full installation service.​

Visit the Car Specialist Customs website to find out more about Pandora Alarms and Ghost Immobilisers and request a quote.

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  • Hi I want to know prices for fitting a security system on my car. I understand there is various types however just want to make sure car is safe and secure.

    With it being a 2015 Ford fiesta 1.5Tdci it’s got keyless and also the comfort access. What would be cheapest option?


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