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How Dark Can You Tint Your Headlights?

How Dark Can You Tint Your Headlights?

Tinting whether it be window or headlight tinting, can add a bespoke look to your vehicle as well as have practical applications. Tints can vary in there power, so what are the rules for them? How dark can you tint your headlights?

At Car Specialist Customs, we are proud to offer a wide variety of options when it comes to making your car a unique expression of who you are. We are excited to share with you the option of our headlight tinting option.

The UK automotive aftermarket industry is thriving, ranking fourth in Europe and ninth in the world in terms of size, and turning over an annual £21.1 billion.

The sector supports 345,600 jobs and contributes £12.2 billion each year to the economy. And it is growing: the sector’s value is set to rise to £28 billion by 2022.

Why do we need headlights?

Headlights play a crucial role, similar to the lights in our room, it illuminates our surroundings so we can travel safely, especially in areas that are not well-lit. Additionally, there are instances of low visibility weather, such as fog and heavy rain, in these instances using your headlights and/or high beams is the best way to safely navigate in your vehicle.

Without headlights, we would only be able to travel during the day. Understandably, this doesn’t work for everyone, hence the necessity for headlights.

The basics of a headlight tint

The basics of a headlight tint

Headlight tinting is the process of applying a specialised film on the surface of a vehicle’s headlight or rear lights, this process results in a variety of benefits including:

  • Adds a refined aesthetic to your car
  • Can help reduce glare from your headlights
  • In the event of a crash, the adhesive may prevent the glass from shattering everywhere.

You can buy tinting film online or through a service that specialises in car customisation, we recommend the latter as there is less room for mistakes when dealing with experts like us.

Effects of cheap tinting

If you buy a low-quality tint film, then it may be more prone to bubbling, cracking, fading or peeling. Our tints are guaranteed to be top quality, with varying options in strength, with installation directly from us.

Are headlight tints practical?

Yes, headlight tints can be practical depending on your vehicle, and the tint you choose. Some headlights are known to be too bright for other road users to concentrate on the road, especially those with a level of light sensitivity in the dark. This is where headlight tints can have practical usage.

If your vehicle has powerful headlights, trying headlight tints may help you navigate the roads without affecting other road users.

Why are some headlights too bright?

Of course, everyone’s eyes perceive things differently, though it is fairly obvious that modern vehicles have much more powerful lights than they used to, so why is that? This is at the discretion of the manufacturer, but at the same time, it can just be that using LED lights which are more energy efficient, results in a more powerful light than its halogen counterparts can provide.

How dark can you tint your headlights?

In the UK, the ruling on headlight tinting is that it should not be any more than a 50% shade. But why is this?

Having headlights that are tinted anymore than 50% can present dangers on the road for yourself, who may have difficulty seeing in dark settings with a tint more than 50%. It can also present a danger for other road users, and pedestrians, who may not be able to see your vehicle on the road.

In regard to legal proceedings, you may be fined, given points on your licence and made to remove the illegal tint before continuing your journey.

We at Car Specialist Customs provide tinting for your vehicle windows too, and rest assured, all of our services follow the legal requirements given to us by the government. So no matter what you choose to get, we will always tell you if it is legal or not. And if it is legal, we install it to the highest standard.

Installing headlight tints

Installing headlight tints

Car Specialist Customs offer headlight tinting as one of our customisation options, in which we assess and install the tint, here is our process.

Our tinting process is as follows:

  • We analyse the space you would like to be tinted
  • We make the necessary adjustments to our tinting films so application is smooth and hassle-free
  • We apply the tinting & make sure there are no mistakes.
  • We will then guide you in regard to the maintenance of the tinting.

Contact us, and get your quote for a tint.

Can I get other tints?

Yes! Below are our alternative tinting options (both are for windows)

Chameleon tints:

Chameleon tints are a vibrant and unique option in customising your car, the dynamic properties of the films give a ‘Chameleon’ effect to the windscreen resulting in an array of colours that changes as the day does.

This particular tint retains the original benefits that come with a standard window tint. With options in aqua blue, Cadbury purple and sunset orange, take a look for yourself on our site.

Window tinting:

Essentially the same thing as a chameleon tint, just without all the vibrant colours. Click here to take a look through the options and strengths that we provide for our tints.

Who shouldn’t get headlight tints?

Although we’d love for everyone to get headlight tints, realistically there are some people it isn’t suitable for. Safety & legality is our priority, so if you fall into one of these categories, then headlight tints may not be for you.

  • Those who already struggle to see in the dark
  • Anyone with faulty or dim headlights
  • Anyone who is renting or leasing a vehicle (dependent on the permission of the vehicle owner)
  • Any driver of a government vehicle (Ambulance, Police etc)

There may be some circumstances in which you can still get headlight tints, but be sure to speak to the relevant parties before going forward with the customisation option.

Order your headlight tints today

Order your headlight tints today

Our team members at Car Specialist Customs are extremely passionate and proud of the multiple services and products we provide for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

As a fully insured and approved installer, catering to the needs of vehicle owners of Greater Manchester and beyond, we are proud to let you know that we offer services for the following:



Featuring the brands, Pandora, ScorpionTrak, Meta Trak & SmarTrack, we’ve included affordable, and premium products to suit the needs of our customers. With finance options available, and the option of installation, head to our website to get your quote!

We always will go above expectations to make your car feel special to you. With even more services and options becoming available in the future, Car Specialist Customs is the home of making any car unique, secure and special.

See what we can do for you today, we hope our highlighted services has helped you decide to take a step forward in personalising your vehicle with our unique service.

We hope to have answered the question ‘​​How dark can you tint your headlights?’ whilst also providing supplementary information that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to investing in customisation options for your vehicle.

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