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Pandora Storm Plus


  • Immobilisation x2
  • 128bit encryption
  • Bluetooth phone control
  • Anti hijack
  • GPS/GLONASS real time tracking
  • Worldwide notifications to your smartphone
  • Remote immobilisation/anti hijack


Pandora Storm Plus

The Pandora Storm Plus  (GPS and GSM) is a very serious Security System which also incorporates Vehicle Tracking all in One. This system works very discreetly with your original vehicles remote control or key less entry system. The Storm Prus uses GSM to send all the alerts through to your smart phone. The only part you need to disarm the system correctly and turn off the immobiliser system is the immobiliser tag / ADR card This sits on the vehicles key’s and submits a secure signal on the 868Mhz wavelength working at 128bit meaning it can’t be cloned or key scanned like many other devices in the UK. System features a loud 118DB Siren.

The Pandora Storm Plus  is perfect for customers wanting a security upgrade package designed for the owner who doesn’t want to carry an additional second Remote control or LCD pager key fob. Instant notifications come through Pandora’s Smartphone app, straight to the owners smartphone. If the alarm is activated or one of the sensors triggered the alarm will instantly notify you through your phone. You can also arm and disarm the system through the Pandora Ap

No hassle, with Bluetooth Encrypted ID Tag.

using 128bit encryption and our discrete Pandora tag. Use your vehicle as normal, and simply keep your tag with you.

The new 3D Smartphone app for IOS & Android devices.

Our unique smartphone app gives full control and up to date information on your vehicle through Bluetooth. Change settings, send commands, or just change how it looks.

Anti-hijack. Full car jacking protection.

Anti-hijack automatically activates to keep you and your loved ones safe, and prevent your vehicle from getting too far. Smart, simple and super effective.

Upgradable at any time.



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