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Car Specialist Customs offers high-quality services to personalise and protect your vehicles. As a team with years of experience in car customisation, we guarantee our attentiveness and superior expertise are precisely what your car needs. One of the specialist services we offer is the Pandora Alarm fitting.

This popular after-market security system guarantees one of the best levels of security available with many features we will share with you.

Read on to find out about the Pandora Alarm along with the reviews shared by our customers.


A Pandora Alarm is an after-market security solution ideal for those who want the best possible protection from thieves.

The Pandora Alarm protects your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing, hijacking and tampering. This is achieved by using not one but two immobilizers, which are electronic devices that stop the car’s engine from starting without the correct key or fob.

Depending on the model of the Pandora Alarm you choose, you can expect varying features such as:

  • Indoor motion sensors
  • Tilt sensors
  • Anti-Hijack – this shuts the car engine off safely if the driver retains their Pandora Bluetooth tag in a situation where the car is hijacked from the driver.


Pandora Alarms also have smart-device compatibility via the Pandora app, giving you full control of your system and an instant update of the current status of your car when you can’t physically see it, like if you are parked on a street unfamiliar to you, or are far away from your vehicle, or even when you’re in bed.

Through the app, you can control your vehicle anywhere in the world. Whether it’s immobilising your vehicle, remote starting, arming or disarming, you can command and control your vehicle at any given time, wherever you are. It’s more than cool, or convenient. It’s the future of premium security.

Customisable notifications mean you’re always connected to your vehicle, wherever you are. Your Pandora system will text, call and send app alerts straight to your mobile, as soon as an event happens.

Pandora’s engine-blocking feature offers the ultimate security. Completely immobilise your vehicle, even if a thief knows your unique code or has a programmed ID tag. The app allows you to remotely immobilise your vehicle.


  • Extra-strength immobilisation: The extra immobiliser with the Pandora Alarm means an additional layer of security, which means thieves will be even more deterred from attempting to steal your vehicle.
  • Next-gen encryption: Everything in the Pandora Alarm uses 128-bit encryption. This prevents code-grabbing or relay boosting, ensuring another comprehensive layer of security against thieves.
  • Phone notification: With the ability to customise notifications, you can be notified via call, text, or app alerts as soon as the system detected an incongruency in its environment.
  • Control from afar: Through the app, you are able to start your car remotely, arm or disarm the alarm system and control your vehicle regardless of where you are. Presenting the future of premium security.
  • Next-generation smart sensors: The Pandora alarm systems come with dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors, which will protect your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering. Using special algorithms with customisable sensitivity creates a unique sensor which can be adjusted to your needs, meaning your alarm won’t go off over the slightest of movements.
  • Discrete and effective: The only people who will know the location of the device are the vehicle owner (if they choose to know) and the installer. However, even if the device is somehow removed, it will still not allow the vehicle to work.


Here are some reviews provided to us by our previous customers via Google rating scores:

“Unbelievable service, very professional, tinted a few cars for me. Also had the anti-theft tracker fitter from them. Done all the customisation on my car. Always on time. Always helpful with any questions I have. Will be using them for many years and recommend them highly.”

Javais Anwas
  5 Stars
  15th September 2022


“I would recommend to anyone looking to improve there car, they are a perfect example of quality and using initiative to make the customer happy. 10/10. See you guys again!”

– Parham Pishvaei
  5 Stars
  2nd April 2022


“Travelled from Chester and 100% worth the journey, nice group of lads quick and professional offered us a seat upstairs but we decided to wait outside since it was a nice day the guys there are honest about legal requirements and fully inform you before you make a decision on what % tint you want also really good quality for the price will be going again for headlights to be done 10/10 recommend to anyone”

– Kurt Callear
  5 Stars
  22ns April 2022


Pandora Storm – £499,99
  • No hassle, with Bluetooth Encrypted ID Tag – using 128bit encryption and our discrete Pandora tag. Use your vehicle as normal, and simply keep your tag with you.
  • The new 3D Smartphone app for IOS & Android devices – the unique smartphone app gives full control and up-to-date information on your vehicle through Bluetooth. Change settings, send commands, or just change how it looks.
  • Anti-Hijack, providing full carjacking protection – Anti-Hijack automatically activates to keep you and your loved ones safe and prevent your vehicle from getting too far. Smart, simple and super effective.
Pandora Mini BT – £599.00

The Mini BT protects you against the main attack methods used by today’s car thieves including:

  • Roll jam
  • Key scanning
  • Key cloning

With all our packages we have added a minimum of 4 additional sensors. These detect the following:

  • Tilt – Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.
  • Shock zone – Hard impact detection
  • Shock warn – Light impact warning detection
  • Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement

Optional extras which you can add to the Pandora Mini BT package include:

  • Dual Proximity sensor with Warn away
  • Anti Hi-jack
  • Bluetooth wireless Immobiliser Module
Pandora Light Pro V2 – £749.99
  • Dynamic dialog command authorisation – the use of the modern AES encryption algorithm with individual encryption keys of 128bit length for each system and dynamic dialog information exchange guarantees the impossibility of intellectual hacking in the foreseeable future.
  • Integrated 2xCAN interface – integrated high-speed multichannel digital interface (2xCAN + LIN) provides the most functional and safe connection to the original digital busses of the vast majority of modern cars.
  • ​Original immobilizer bypass with cloning technology – built-in multifunction IMMO-KEY port and algorithmic bypass of original car immobilizers that supports a special Pandora CLONE server allows the system to bypass or clone an original key for the implementation of automatic and remote engine start on a variety of modern cars.
  • Mobile apps – new mobile applications for Android and iOS (Pandora BT) control the main functions of the system (arming/disarming, engine operation, control over engine and engine preheaters operation). The applications provide almost all the information you can ask for.
  • New Remote control – the new remote control provides control of all modes of the security system and car state:
    • informative high-contrast OLED-display
    • display of all security zones of a car
    • temperature, voltage and fuel level are always on your display
    • multichannel 868MHz RFM interface with constant connection control
    • Long communication range
    • ergonomic design
    • rechargeable
  • Low power consumption – the most modern algorithmic solutions, the latest electronic components and the new MCU Cortex M4 allow you to extend the system’s operation time in “Arm” mode as long as possible without the need to recharge the battery.


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