You Have Arrived At The Best Place For Vehicle Tints In Bolton

Car manufacturers quickly produce cars for the UK market but give little thought to design or looks.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to add upgrades to your vehicle, such as repainting the bodywork, reupholstering the seats, or adding window tinting to the windows.

Coming to us for car window tinting in Bolton is one of the most affordable options if you want your vehicle to stand out from the crowd in Bolton.

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is made of a thin laminate film that is applied directly to the glass windows of your car, truck, or van.

Usually, the privacy film for car windows in the Bolton region is done on all the windows, not just one, for aesthetic reasons.

Window tinting comes in a wide range of colours, but grey, black, and dark blue are the most common. Different window tint varieties can be chosen based on the look of your vehicle.

Why Do I Need Window Tinting?

One of the main reasons car owners are interested in having their vehicle’s windows tinted is due to aesthetics.

The window tint makes a vehicle look more unique and fun. The basic window tint that anyone can apply is purely for looks, but there are also window tints that can be applied at a professional custom window tinting company that have additional benefits.

Window tint also offers privacy and security, so that strangers won’t be able to see inside as easily.

This may be helpful if you’re in certain industries where you don’t want to be noticed, or if you have young children that you worry about. Window tinting can also provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, including UVA, which are the rays that can cause skin cancer.

Window tinting can block the heat of the sun from penetrating the interior of your vehicle so that not only does it feel cooler, it will require less fuel to cool it down during the heat of summer.

Is Window Tinting Legal?

It varies by country and by region, but if you’re reading this article then you may be seeking window tinting Bolton, car window tinting in Sale Manchester, or window tinting price in the Northwest.

But yes, it’s legal in most regions. The main consideration is that the window tinting isn’t so dark that you can’t see through the windows. A quality window film will provide the UV blocking abilities but still allow a driver to 100% clearly see outside.

Can I Apply Window Tint Myself?

The two main concerns with doing the job yourself are that you’ll probably be buying cheap window film from a store that provides few UV-light blocking abilities.

You’ll also want to read our note above on window tints and the law. A legitimate window tinting business understands what types of window tints can be applied to your window.

The last thing you want is to do it yourself, then be pulled aside by the police and have to remove it all.

You’ll also need special tools which you probably don’t already have. Then when you’re done, what do you do with them? Now your window tinting costs are adding up.

Window tint application is also tricky and can take from two hours and up to four hours. You’ll need someone to help you out too. And it’s tricky getting it to apply to the window.

You may leave creases and bubbles that look horrible. It will take a longer amount of time to remove the window film and start over again. By this point, your costs have doubled and it would have been better to hire a professional to do it.

Why not let the professionals do this task for you? Your vehicle will come out of our workshop looking better than when it went in.

Where Is Car Window Tinting Available?

If you’re searching for window tinting Bolton or car window tinting in Sale Manchester, then there is the Car Specialist Customs company who do window tints professionally for all makes of vehicles.

We make it easy to install car window tints in the Bolton region of Greater Manchester. Simply book an appointment, drop your vehicle off at the appointed time, then return later.

You’ll be so happy and relieved that you let the professionals take care of this cumbersome chore for you!

How Do I Find the Right Window Tint for My Vehicle?

When you book your appointment with Car Specialist Customs in the UK and drop your vehicle off, we can go over that with you.

We will make suggestions on the best window tint to suit your vehicle. If you have a specific purpose, such as to block UV rays, or to reduce the glare of the sun while driving, please let us know.

Our car specialists will be happy to help you choose the best window film tint for your vehicle, and also the best type, and whether you should add it to all your windows or just some.

How to Get a Car Window Tinting Quote?

If you’re wondering about how much car window tint installation cost with the film, then it does vary by vehicle.

This is because a Smart Car would take less time and effort than a large SUV. You can give us a call and we’ll provide a quote, or drop on by.

If you decide to call or contact us online, please have your vehicle’s full name and make, written down so we can look it up and provide an accurate quote for car window tints Bolton.

Window tinting in the Bolton region can be simplified if you have it done at our Car Specialist Customs location in Bolton and Manchester region. We also provide a wide range of other custom vehicle services that can be done during the same day you drop your vehicle off for window tinting.

Why not get it all done at once? It will look like you have a brand new vehicle when you pick up your car, truck, or van at the end of the day!