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Are you looking to elevate your interior to a whole new level of luxury? Look no further than Car Specialist Customs' exclusive range of Starlight kits!

Our kits feature fibre optic lights that can cover the entire length of your roof . The possibilities are endless! Whether you pick a standard package or opt for a bespoke solution, our team of specialist will create a heavenly ambiance every time you step into your car. Transform your driving experience with our Starlight kits today!





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Exclusively available at Car Specialist Customs. Our Starlight kit go that one step further to creating the ultimate cosmos.

Our Starlight headliners allows each individual starlight to twinkle dynamically at its own rate.

Speed up or slow down the rate of twinkle with a click of a button by utilising the free mobile app.

Popularity of our Starlight’s has enabled us to work on a range of vehicle from all manufactures.  Our experienced craftsmen’s have the ability to dismantle and remove your roof lining install the starlight kit  and  reinsert and rebuild your roof lining to a high standard.

Our Starlight kits are controlled wirelessly by Bluetooth, connect your devices to customise any of the following

Colour, Brightness, Twinkling effect, Light Pattern Settings, Sound Synchronisation and much more

Prices start from £450


Single Panoramic Roof

Standard Roof



If you’ve ever seen the outdoor sky on a clear night then you’ve seen the wonderful galaxy of stars.

For some reason it makes us smile and makes us feel happy. If only for a moment, we feel better, and this gives us the mental energy to carry on with the rest of the day.

Star Lights in your car roof can be installed so when you look up, it appears that you’re actually viewing real stars. These lights have a twinkle effect. One of the great benefits is that since these are installed overhead, they won’t distract you from your driving.

Star Light kits are actually fibre optic lights, a much better option than LED lights or traditional lights.

These can actually be custom-installed wherever you wish in your vehicle. They’re durable and long-lasting, unlike a cheap set of lights you can buy from the store that will quickly wear down.

The skilled specialists at our workshop can install the car starlight headliner for you. Instead of you trying to make a store-bought string of lights work in your vehicle, our car roof star lights Manchester specialist can custom install the lighting exactly the way you wish.

The star lights are available in a wide range of colours with about 500+ different options. You can choose white, or several base colours or different variations.

You can also control how the lights twinkle, or if they stay on. The car starlight headliner can twinkle at their own rate. Another great option is that you also have the ability to download an app and use it on your smart phone or device to control your lights.

In the app you can speed up or slow down the twinkling rate. The starlights are controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Yes, there is a lifetime warranty, so if one or more of your lights burn out, we can replace them for you under warranty, or if anything else should happen.

We are also experienced in working on a wide range of different vehicles from different manufacturers.

Our car roof star lights Manchester technicians know how to dismantle and remove the roof lining to install these lights, then reinstall it back in place so no one can tell what’s been done.

If you want to install interior car or vehicle lighting in Bolton, Sale, Rochdale and more areas around Greater Manchester, please visit our page for further details. We can make the process simple for you!

Soon you’ll be amazing your friends and family with these cool sparkling lights when they go on a drive with you!

Car Specialist Customs has taken the Starlight headliners to another level. Our Starlight kits represents what we was founded on:  hard work, dedication and passion. The result, a heavenly feel above your head whenever your in the luxury of your vehicle.

Our Starlight kits have a combination of several base colours giving you endless choice of colour for your constellation that we bring to life.