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Ghost Immobilisers

Did you know that 176 cars are stolen every day across the UK? This is a staggering amount and seemingly a statistic that seems inescapable for many. If you are worried about your vehicle becoming the victim of a crime, there is no need to feel helpless as we have the ideal solution for you: Ghost Immobilisers. These intelligent technology solutions work by protecting a vehicle from key cloning and hacking, which may ultimately lead to theft. Outperforming other security devices, these tools ensure that vehicles are never left in the wrong hands. 

The small security device is installed within a vehicle in a way that is impossible to locate. This means a vehicle is protected by a secure locking system and has a very slim chance that anyone can try to remove the device should they gain temporary access. The alarm is only accessible by the owner, meaning that immobilisers lock a vehicle and require a specific sequence of information to allow it to be driven. Each disarm sequence is unique plus can change as often as the driver requires. This means owners are left completely in control of their vehicle’s safety, stopping criminals in their tracks.

As ghost immobiliser systems enhance the security of a vehicle, some insurance companies recognise them as a method of reducing premiums. This means for savvy owners, there are potential cost savings available which allow a quick return on investment to be achieved. 

There are also many other benefits of using ghost immobilisers, which make them a popular choice for motorists. In addition to not allowing unwanted drivers to start a vehicle, these clever devices don’t send out radio frequency signals, which means they are impossible to detect. The devices we install are also silent to operate, which is important as thieves are used to hearing a quiet click when other vehicles are mobilised, giving them access to the required code. Additional benefits include bespoke installations and testing for each vehicle, emergency pin override settings, and fitting via CAN networks, which allow placement anywhere within a vehicle. Ghost immobilisers can also be added to any vehicle, from cars to buses. 

At Car Specialist Customs, we offer a selection of immobiliser packages. These are the best products available and cost from just £500 including supply and installation. Some of our most popular models include the Pandora Storm, Pandora Light Pro V2 and the Pandora Smart pro.

Our professional installation service includes help identifying the best immobiliser for your vehicle, fitting and testing, and ongoing support for any servicing needs. Ideal for improving the safety and protection of any vehicle, we ensure owners can take back control from unwanted criminals. 

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Audi RS3 Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

Perfect for protecting you from key cloning, hacking & car theft


Audi RS6 Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser

Protecting you from key cloning, hacking & car theft combined with live tracking


Audi RSQ8 Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser

 Protecting you from key cloning, hacking & car theft combined with live tracking & 24/7 theft monitoring