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In the UK, on average, a car is stolen every 10 minutes. These days, criminals are using an advanced technique called relay attack, to hack into cars and drive them away. Here, professional thieves work together to copy the signals of a victim’s car keys and disable the car’s telematics. They then trick the car engine into starting, because the car believes the key fob is physically present. Thieves who use this chilling method can steal a car silently, in as little as 60 seconds.

So, what is a good anti-theft device to deter criminals from stealing your car? – Ghost Immobilisers Manchester

A Ghost Immobiliser is a high-tech security device for your vehicle, which protects it from being hacked into and stolen. It is a unique solution to keeping your vehicles safe and secure from even the most professional of thieves. The device is a highly advanced piece of technology that offers your car protection from keyless entry, key cloning, hacking and key theft.

The Ghost Immobiliser will not allow your car engine to start, unless a unique PIN code configuration is entered. This PIN code can be up to 20 buttons, if that is what the car owner wants. Only those who know the combination of the PIN code can start the car.

So, even if a criminal has your car keys in their possession, they still will not be able to drive your car away; they will be completely stuck, with no knowledge of your unique PIN code sequence.

The usual tactics deployed by car thieves won’t work on a Ghost Immobiliser, as the device is discrete, hidden away from plain sight and does not give away its location.

Using a free mobile app, you can disarm the immobiliser if you need to, with just a click of a finger. The smartphone app is fully encrypted, so don’t worry about your iPhone giving any secrets away!

A thief cannot bypass the Ghost Immobiliser in order to start the car engine. The Ghost Immobiliser can only be deactivated by entering a unique PIN code.

Therefore, a Ghost Immobiliser is one of the best anti-theft devices around, as it guarantees a high level of security, 24 hours a day.

Where can I get a Ghost Immobiliser Manchester?

Here at Car Specialist Customs, we offer the Autowatch Ghost II and a full installation service, to elevate your vehicle security to a premium level.

Our team of experts will install the CAN-based Ghost Immobiliser in your vehicle and give you a full demonstration of how to use it, in as little as an hour and a half.

We can supply and fit a Ghost Immobiliser to your vehicle from only £500. This is a set price for all make and models of the ghost covers. So, it is a lot more affordable than other types of car alarms, and has the advantage of actually being able to stop people from driving away in your car.

The immobiliser can be fitted to almost all vehicles. Car Specialist Customs to find out more about vehicle compatibility.

To browse our Ghost Immobiliser installation service and pricing, visit our website here.

We are based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, and you can call us on 07523 971347 or email

Is a Ghost Immobiliser worth it?

Ghost Immobilisers are renowned for being one of the most reliable security devices available on the market.

The device has no circuit cuts, meaning it cannot be detected by modern methods employed by a thief.

For instance, the Ghost Immobiliser does not transmit any radio frequencies, as other vehicle security systems do. Thus, it cannot be detected by thieves who use sophisticated RF scanning or code-grabbing diagnostic equipment to detect what security devices are inside your vehicle.

Additionally, the device is silent, so there is no way a thief could listen for any sounds of a traditional immobiliser relay. The Ghost Immobiliser operates silently and is virtually untraceable- in fact, only the installer of the device knows its exact location!

Moreover, if you have a Ghost Immobiliser installed, then the only way that a thief would be able to steal the car is by physically towing it away- and even then, they will never be able to drive the car away!

We at Car Specialist Customs believe it is absolutely worth installing a Ghost Immobiliser in your vehicle, as we understand how devastating it is when thieves rob you of your pride and joy.

All it takes is a one-off purchase of a Ghost Immobiliser, which will provide round-the-clock security for your vehicle, giving you peace of mind that it won’t be vulnerable to theft.

That is why we feel that the Ghost Immobiliser is a revolutionary product. The device provides excellent protection against advanced theft methods such as keyless entry and key cloning.

It also enables safe start-up of your car and immobilises the engine so that nobody else can start it, without the unique PIN code sequence.

Finally, if you inform your insurance provider that you have installed a Ghost Immobiliser in your car, then you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance- isn’t that an added bonus?

Talk to your insurance company to see if they can make you an offer.

What if I forget my unique PIN code?

Not to worry. You will be given a unique emergency PIN code, which can be used to reset the device.

Your expert installer will talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Car Specialist Customs is a leading vehicle security specialist based in Greater Manchester.

The team has expert knowledge of vehicle safety and can advise you on which devices are best suited for your needs.

We also provide a number of car services including Ghost Immobilisers, Pandora alarms, window tints, light tints, Chameleon tints, vehicle trackers and starlights.

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