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Ghost Immobiliser Cost

A Ghost Immobiliser is one of the best anti-theft devices you can possibly buy for your vehicle. It is a discreet, highly advanced piece of technology which is fitted to your car. The tiny, yet powerful device works by preventing your car engine from starting unless a unique PIN code sequence is entered. This prevents thieves from driving away with your vehicle, as the device completely immobilises your engine and thus keeps it secure from unauthorised access.

Amazingly, the Ghost Immobiliser protects against keyless entry, key cloning and hacking- which are all sinister methods deployed by professional thieves. These criminals are increasingly using advanced technology to break into cars and steal them away- all without even using a physical key fob.

In fact, in the year 2021, keyless car theft accounted for 94% of all vehicles recovered by the stolen vehicle recovery company Tracker- and Manchester was named in the top 5 of regions where cars were most frequently stolen and recovered.

How keyless car theft works is that two thieves can stand outside on your driveway, while you are at home, and use exploitative technology to copy the signals emitted by your car keys, which are stored somewhere in your house. Then, the thieves will manipulate your car into starting, because the engine thinks that the key fob has activated it. With this chilling method, the thieves can steal your car and drive it away, almost silently, in as little as 60 seconds.

Hence, a Ghost Immobiliser provides fantastic protection for your car, as it physically blocks even the most professional of thieves from hacking into your vehicle and driving it away.

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What is the Ghost Immobiliser Cost?

Here at Car Specialist Customs, we will supply and fit the Ghost Immobiliser for your vehicle for only £450-500.

We will give you a full demonstration of how to use the device, and we will answer any questions you may have.

If you forget your unique PIN code for your Ghost Immobiliser, or you need to change it, we will provide you with the appropriate instructions and advice. We will also be on hand to offer our guidance if you wish to transfer your Ghost Immobiliser to a new vehicle.

We are always happy to hear from customers who are looking to upgrade their vehicle security. We will gladly give you our recommendations to suit your preferences and requirements.

We regularly see customers from Manchester, Stockport, Salford, Rochdale, Oldham, Bolton, Sale, Bury, Wigan, and surrounding areas. Our services cover the North West region, so you are in good hands if you leave your vehicle security to us.

What are the benefits of a Ghost Immobiliser?

A Ghost Immobiliser offers excellent advantages for your car, including:

  • The Ghost Immobiliser is one of the most reliable and secure security devices internationally.
  • The device enables a safe start-up of your car.
  • If you have invested in personalising your vehicle, or you own a very expensive or rare vehicle, then a Ghost Immobiliser is the best investment to make to keep your vehicle safe at all times, so you don’t lose the time and money you invested into the vehicle.
  • You can disarm the Ghost Immobiliser using a mobile app which is available on iOS and Android, which will save you time and stress.
  • The Ghost immobiliser does not use radio signals. So, a thief will not be able to find the device by using Radio Frequency scanning (which is the advanced method that thieves use to steal vehicles).
  • The device is silent, so there is no way a thief could listen for any sounds of a traditional immobiliser relay.
  • A thief cannot bypass the Ghost Immobiliser to start the vehicle.
  • The Ghost Immobiliser can be fitted to almost all vehicles. Contact our vehicle security experts at Car Specialist Customs to find out more about vehicle compatibility and installation of anti-theft vehicle devices.
  • There is no trace of installation, meaning the aesthetics of your car in the interior and exterior will be unaffected. This means that the Ghost Immobiliser leaves no lasting damage to your car, which can be highly attractive for those who plan on reselling or developing their existing model.
  • Installing the Ghost Immobiliser only takes about 2 hours, and we at Car Specialist Customs will give you a full demonstration of how to use it correctly, which will only take 15-20 minutes.
  • The Ghost Immobiliser is also the perfect solution if you run a business that provides access to vehicles (e.g. a car rental company), but you don’t want someone to drive off in one of your vehicles without your authorisation.

How secure is a Ghost Immobiliser?

The Ghost Immobiliser is one of the most secure security systems on the market. It is tiny, virtually unnoticeable, and it does not use key fobs or indicators, which makes it undetectable to any car thief.

The device communicates with your vehicle’s ECU unit via the CAN Network, which allows it to operate in total silence, without giving away its location.

Key cloning and ECU swapping are almost pointless, as adding a new key or replacing the ECU to steal the vehicle will not work. Only the correct unique PIN code will allow your car to start.

When you have a Ghost Immobiliser installed, the only way a car thief could get a hold of your vehicle is by physically towing it away- and even then, they will not be able to start the engine!

Whilst a wheel lock can be cut off, a car’s wires can be jumped, or a universal key can be applied, a Ghost Immobiliser cannot be found or detected by a thief, in time to make a speedy getaway.

One of the added benefits of a Ghost Immobiliser is that you can be the only person who knows where it is located, and that it even exists. Because of this, thieves can be left wondering why your vehicle will not start, which can lead to them assuming that it is broken and leaving it be.

So can a Ghost Immobiliser be bypassed? The answer is no unless the thief knows your PIN sequence and the location of the device. This will be impossible, as there are no signs of an installed ghost immobiliser, so they will not even know the device is even there. In regards to the unique PIN code, this is only known by you, and you can securely change the sequence if you need to.

I have an old car. Should I have a Ghost Immobiliser installed?

Any car, in any place, is vulnerable to theft, at any time.

Do not just assume that your car will not be targeted by thieves, just because your car is old, modest, not luxurious or not particularly valuable.

Thieves across the country are eager to get their hands on any type of vehicle. Older cars are easier to steal because they have outdated security features, which make them incredibly hard to recover once they are stolen.

Even Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are often targeted for diesel theft, particularly when these vehicles are parked overnight. Therefore, anti-theft devices are always a bright idea, to offer optimal levels of security for vehicle owners and drivers.

So, what is the solution? The Ghost Immobiliser– which is one of the best vehicle security devices known to man.

The device offers unbreakable security, which should give you peace of mind when you are away from your vehicle.

It is a truly revolutionary security system for your vehicle, delivering incredibly high security, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So, why not get a Ghost Immobiliser installed in your vehicle today?

Contact Car Specialist Customs at 07523 971347 or, or visit our website, to get your Ghost Immobiliser today.

Does having a Ghost Immobiliser reduce the cost of car insurance?

You may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance if you have a Ghost Immobiliser installed.

Talk to your insurance company to see if your device is insurance-approved.

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