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Are you looking for a way to add character to your vehicle? Maybe you are after a simple window tint, or something more unique like starlights.

Maybe you’re looking for after-market security solutions, something to give you peace of mind on your beloved vehicle.

Well, at Car Specialist Customs, we can do all that & more. As a trusted, respected, licensed and established car customisation service with over 10 years of experience, we can guarantee a swift, cost effective and friendly service, regardless of which of our services you choose to go for!





Security Service

We have an array of security solutions ranging from vehicle trackers to ghost immobilisers and pandora alarms. If you are unsure of which option to choose, feel free to have a chat with us and we can guide you through our options and which is best for you.

When it comes to our services, aside from supplying these security solutions, we can also install them for you.

Due to the nature of after-market security, it is in your best interest to have them hidden from any potential thieves, if they see your car is fitted with aftermarket security, it may give them a method to deactivate it. The better option is to have them unbeknownst to the fact the vehicle has security installed. This should hopefully help to deter them. This is why our installation is the best option.

Our installation process will vary with each product and vehicle, but generally, we will:

  • Assess your vehicle to understand the best possible place to install the security system
  • Disassemble any areas in the vehicle in order to place the security system. (if needed)
  • Re-assemble the areas of installation (if needed) and thoroughly test the system.
  • We will then show you how to work the system & address any queries you may have.

A simple, no-nonsense installation process is our aim, we don’t want to overcomplicate your car’s security! Get in touch today for a quote about our security solutions!

Starlight Service

What makes our starlights special is that instead of being made from LED lights, they are made from fibre optic lights, these are lights that are refracted through fibre optic cables. These lights are completely legal, as they do not cause an obstruction, they are placed above your head on the interior roof, completely out of your field of vision.

The true level of customisation for our starlights is massive, available in a wide range of colours with up to 500+ different options! You can choose white, several base colours or different variations.

Additionally, you can even also control how the lights twinkle, or if they stay on. The car starlight headliner can be optimised to twinkle at its own rate.

To add an extra layer of personability to your starlights, you can download an additional app to control the rate of twinkling to a level that you see fit. The starlights are controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Starlights can be added to almost any vehicle. Our expert technicians can install starlights to your desired specification.

*Unfortunately, convertible top cars, whether it’s a soft or hard hood are not able to have starlights installed, this is because the retracting and folding of the roof will potentially damage the wiring and lights. The same applies to cars with sun-roof windows

Here is our installation process:

  • The process starts by disconnecting all dome, map lights and other trim pieces and removing the vehicle’s headliner.
  • Hundreds of small holes then need to be drilled or pinned in the top of the headliner mould, to fit the fibre optic lights, which are individually carefully placed just above the headliner fabric.
  • These lights are then attached by adhesive and then stranded together to be run to the location of the Light Source, typically in the trunk, rear seats, or under the vehicle’s dash, wherever you choose.
  • The process can take many hours, depending on the number of lights you’re installing.
  • We then reconnect all necessary fittings & show you how to use the starlight system.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your car seem out of this world!

Tinting Service

Our tinting services provide a level of privacy, protection and class to your vehicle, We offer standard window tinting in grey or dark grey, and alongside that, we also provide alternative options. See below.

Car light tints:

Car light tint is a service we offer and is the process of applying the same filming process over your front and rear headlights. Aside from the aesthetic upgrade, it actually reduces the heat emitted from your lights whilst still allowing over 90% of light to be emitted, hardly affecting the effectiveness of your lights. Check out our options here.

Chameleon tints:

Chameleon tints are proving to be a vibrant and unique option in customising your car, the dynamic properties of the films gave a “Chameleon” like effect to the windscreen resulting in an area of colours that changes as the day does.

Instead of the usual grey or dark grey, chameleon tints reflect back the light in the sky. For example, if it’s a beautiful day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, that’s what you’ll see in your vehicle’s window. The tint has a mirrored effect but is perfectly clear from the inside.

The most amazing selling point of this particular tint is that it still retains the original benefits that come with a standard window tint. With options in Aqua Blue, Cadbury Purple and Sunset Orange, take a look for yourself on our site.

Our tinting process is as follows:

  • We analyse the space you would like to be tinted (whether it is the windows or car lights)
  • We make the necessary adjustments to our tinting films so application is smooth and hassle-free
  • We apply the tinting & make sure there are no mistakes.
  • We will then guide you in regard to the maintenance of the tinting.

Want to get in touch and make your vehicle sleek and unique? Get your quote for a tint today.

Book with confidence knowing every window tint installation comes with our comprehensive warranty and quality assurance guarantee.



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