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What Is the Best Device to Stop Car Theft?

What Is the Best Device to Stop Car Theft?

At Car Specialist Customs, we are routinely asked by our customers, what is the best device to stop car theft?

Car theft is on the rise in the UK, with a car stolen every eight and a half minutes, on average.

Don’t just assume that your vehicle won’t be targeted by thieves, just because it is old or not valuable. Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are often targeted for diesel theft, while older cars are likely to be targeted because they have outdated security features.

Read on to discover which are our favourite anti-theft devices, which will offer your vehicle the ultimate security from professional criminals.

What is the best device to stop car theft?

So, what is the best device to stop car theft?

Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1.    Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser is one of the most comprehensive security devices available on the market, offering unbreakable security for your vehicle.

How does a Ghost Immobiliser stop car theft?

Well, it is a tiny, discreet device which prevents your car engine from starting, unless a unique PIN code is entered. So, even if a thief has your car keys, they will not be able to get your vehicle engine to start, as they will never know your unique PIN code sequence!

Thieves won’t be able to locate your Ghost Immobiliser, because the device is almost invisible and extremely difficult to detect. Only the installer of your Ghost Immobiliser will know the exact location of the device!

What’s more, the Ghost Immobiliser does not transmit any radio frequency signals, so it cannot be bypassed by professional criminals who know how to steal cars through hacking and key cloning methods.

If that wasn’t enough, the Ghost Immobiliser also operates silently, so there is no way that a thief could listen for any sounds of a traditional immobiliser relay- making the device even more challenging to penetrate.

Renowned for being one of the most reliable security devices in the world, the Ghost Immobiliser is compatible with almost all vehicles.

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2.    Pandora Alarm

We at Car Specialist Customs firmly believe that a Pandora Alarm is a must-have security device for your vehicle.

The Pandora Alarm is a type of car alarm, which uses incredibly sophisticated technology to keep your vehicle safe from being tampered with, broken into, or stolen.

More than just a car alarm, the Pandora device offers excellent protection against wheel jacking, towing, and hijacking. The Pandora Alarm is fitted with the strongest immobilization possible: it comes with a minimum of two immobilisers, which are electronic devices that stop the car from starting without the correct key or fob.

If a thief tries to steal the car by using the wrong key or fob, it activates the immobiliser, which tells the engine not to start. Even if the Pandora Alarm is somehow removed, your vehicle will remain immobile.

According to Pandora engineers, it will be almost 20 years before the technology exists which can crack the encryption of this alarm. That is great news for car enthusiasts who wish to keep their pride and joy out of the hands of criminals.

The security system boasts a loud, reliable siren, so you (and your neighbours) will be able to hear the sound if the alarm is activated. What’s more, the Pandora Alarm notifies you via a smartphone app if a thief tries to break into your car.

Pandora Alarms are not just about security. From your smartphone or any of your handheld devices, you can change your car’s settings, adjust sensors or view status information such as battery voltage.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use your Pandora Alarm to control your vehicle – in case you need to arm or disarm it, immobilize it or remotely start it.

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3.    Vehicle Tracker

A Vehicle Tracker is a GPS system which is fitted to your car. It allows you to track the location of your car, in real-time, in case someone steals your vehicle. Accurate and sophisticated, this GPS technology can usually pinpoint the exact location of the car within a three-metre radius.

Using satellite navigation, the vehicle tracker monitors the location of the car. It transmits information via satellite from the vehicle, almost instantly. Often, the vehicle tracker is synched with a smartphone app, so you can track the location of your vehicle from your phone, in real time.

Depending on the model of the vehicle tracker, you can access different features. For instance, some vehicle trackers will notify the owner via their mobile phone if their car ignition has been turned on without the use of the owner’s tag.

Additionally, some vehicle trackers display information such as the car’s temperature and fuel level, which shows the versatility of this product.

Vehicle trackers come with a variety of features to keep your car safe and secure from intruders, who are increasingly using exploitative technology to hack into cars and steal them.

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4.    Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is a budget-friendly, yet effective tool to improve your car’s security.

This is a metal or plastic rod which immobilises your car’s steering wheel. It can be used on cars, vans and motorhomes. The steering wheel lock creates a barrier, which stops the steering wheel from being moved freely. Convenient and easy to install, a steering wheel lock is a brilliantly visible deterrent for your car.

When walking past your car, thieves will see the steering lock with their own eyes, and realise that they won’t be able to drive the car away freely. Even if the thief manages to bypass the steering wheel lock, having it there will slow them down greatly.

Some steering wheel locks come with a noisy alarm, which warns the driver if their car has been broken into.

There are locking devices available that secure both your steering wheel and your brake pedal together, which makes it impossible to operate the vehicle.

If your steering wheel lock is Thatcham approved, you may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance. So, it is worth asking your insurance provider to see if their policy can accommodate this.

5.    Protective Key Case

You may believe your car is safe from theft because you have tucked the keys inside a drawer in your home.

However, think again.

We cannot emphasise enough how dangerous thieves are these days. They are constantly developing new methods of hacking into cars without the use of physical keys.

A protective key case is one of the cheapest anti-theft car devices you can buy. It prevents your car keys from being copied and cloned by thieves.

This protective case is a pouch or wallet, which is lined with metal. You simply place your car keys inside the protective case, and this blocks the key signals from being emitted.

How can I keep my vehicle safe from thieves?

Now you know what is the best device to stop car theft, follow these tips to stay on top of your vehicle security:

  • Invest in a Pandora Alarmor Ghost Immobiliser to keep your vehicle secure.
  • Install a vehicle tracker in your car, so you can monitor its location at all times, even if it gets stolen.
  • Buy a protective key case, which blocks the signal emitted by your car keys, thus protecting the keys from being copied or cloned.
  • Buy a steering wheel lock.
  • Consider tinting your car windows, which offers you privacy and security.
  • Never leave your vehicle unlocked or unattended, even for a few minutes. Avoid leaving your car switched on in the mornings to defrost the windows.
  • Always double-check that your vehicle windows, doors and sunroof are closed and locked.
  • Never leave your car keys hanging on a hook next to your front door. A thief can easily use a wire to steal car keys through the letterbox.
  • Never leave valuables inside your vehicle, even in your car boot.
  • Be vigilant when entering and exiting your vehicle.
  • When it is dark, try to park near streetlights or in residential areas, where suspicious behaviour is likely to be noticed.
  • Install CCTV cameras in your driveway, garden, or garage.
  • Use anti-tamper screws on your number plate, to deter thieves from stealing them.
  • Report any suspicious activity if you see it.

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