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What Is a Ghost Immobiliser?

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser

In a time where everything is becoming electronic, it has never been more important to ensure the security of both you and your valuables. With many would-be thieves targeting things like electric cars, keyless locks and remote-controlled garages, an extra layer of security could bring the peace of mind and comfort that all car lovers need.

One of the best ways of defending your car is with a ghost immobiliser. However, these revolutionary new products are not well known in the market, and those that hear of them are left wondering, “what is a ghost immobiliser?”.

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser

Statistics show that theft of a vehicle rose by 22% in the financial year 2021/22 compared to 2020/21 and that keyless car theft accounted for 94% of all vehicles recovered by Tracker last year, reaching an all-time high. As contactless theft becomes an ever-growing threat to car safety, it’s understandable that many are looking into what exactly ghost immobilisers are.

A popular method of preventing car theft is Faraday bags, but consumers are rapidly looking for a replacement after noticing how easy it is for them to be compromised. As soon as the bag develops holes or the material wears it, it can begin to allow signals through, and some simply don’t work out of the box. That’s why ghost immobilisers have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, with up to 88,915 being used since March 2022.

In this article, we will look at what a ghost immobiliser is, how much it costs and what other theft prevention techniques there are for protecting your vehicles. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about ghost immobilisers, their pricing and if they are really worth it.

What Is A Ghost Immobiliser?

Ghost immobilisers are often used to add another layer of protection to your vehicles and make it harder for them to be stolen or otherwise entered. It serves to protect keys, combat key cloning, hacking or keyless entry and essentially stop thieves from getting your vehicle. We found that no matter where you live or park your vehicle, it can be prone to thieves – that’s why ghost immobilisers can be so important in this modern age.

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser

They work by preventing your engine from working unless an additional, unique pin number or code sequence is entered alongside your key fob. This helps to prevent thieves from driving away with your vehicle, which may encourage them to leave it alone altogether. Your chosen pin code can be entered by pressing a pattern of existing electronic buttons on your steering wheel, in an app, on the door panel or on the central console. Because the device is invisible, you have the added benefit of stealth, which can prevent anyone from trying to tamper with it, and the device only takes seconds to use, yet can save you countless hours trying to recover your vehicle once it has been stolen.

One of the most attractive features of the ghost immobiliser is the fact that it can be fitted without any marks to the internal body of the vehicle. This means that it leaves no lasting damage to your car, which can be highly attractive for those who plan on reselling or developing their existing model. Car care is a big part of the world today, with a study concluding that 63% of people like to clean their car because it is a pride and joy in their life. With more and more people putting emphasis on their cars, it’s only natural for some to choose to improve their security at the same time with the use of a ghost immobiliser.

The device is also low-maintenance and incredibly hard to detect. It has a connection to the CAN (Controller Area Network) and operates through the ECU (Engine Control Unit), and can be installed in a hidden location, works silently, has no radio signals and is unrecognisable to the untrained eye. For added security, only the ghost immobiliser fitters themselves are aware of the location of the device.

Whilst a wheel lock can be cut off, and a car’s wires can be jumped, or a universal key can be applied, a ghost immobiliser cannot be found or detected in time to make a speedy getaway. One of its added benefits is that, if you choose to be, you can be the only person who knows where it is located, and that it even exists. Because of this, thieves can be left wondering why your vehicle will not start, which can lead to them assuming that it is broken and leaving it be.

How Much Does A Ghost Immobiliser Cost?

Ghost immobilisers are the next generation of in-vehicle protection, and are widely regarded as the world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. As one of the best car security devices available at the moment, it can sometimes come with a heavy fee, but the cost is worth it when you think of the protection you will be getting.

Like any product, ghost immobilisers can vary in cost depending on your car model, the type you choose, and the business you want to work with. One of the best providers of ghost immobilisers in the market at the moment is Car Specialist Customs, an established and authentic car modification business centred on security and aesthetics.

Car Specialist Customs offer the Autowatch Ghost II, a unique, CAN-based immobiliser trained at securing your vehicle without the need for cutting wires or adding after-market key fobs. Their new TASSA verified Ghost II Immobiliser systems include a special vehicle marking system used by insurance companies across Europe linking it to the International Security Register, helping to provide the added touch of security and a backup plan for if something happens to your vehicle.

You may be worried about the cost to install the Ghost II into your vehicle – but for what you’re getting, the prices can be extremely low and competitive. Typically, the costs are around £450, and that is for the full procedure. As you can see, it’s a lot more affordable than other types of car alarms and has the added bonus of actually being able to stop people from driving away with your car.

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser

Is A Ghost Immobiliser Worth It?

For many, the ghost immobiliser is a necessary piece of equipment that works wonders to protect your vehicles and prevent any damage from being sustained by them. As car thefts spike to 810,400 in recent years, compared to 721,885 in 2019, we have seen an 11.8% increase with 88,515 more motor vehicles being taken. Because of this, many have made the move to get a ghost immobiliser to try and prevent damage or theft of their own vehicle – but is it worth it?

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser

Ghost immobilisers are far better than other protection devices in the market because they cannot be bypassed using standard theft tactics. It will protect you from car theft, as well as damage, by using some of the most innovative and trusted techniques in the market today. With the many different services you can choose once it is installed, you can detect vibrations on or near your vehicle, contact with your vehicle, damage to your vehicle or someone attempting to start your vehicle’s engine, all from the comfort of your own phone.

They add an extra, discrete security measure for vehicle owners on top of the traditionally coded key fob. Engines will often only start if an additional, unique pin number or code sequence is entered so even if thieves have stolen your keys, they will not be able to drive your vehicle away. This makes it highly worth it, especially for car owners who have more exotic and desired vehicles.

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