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Oldham (Ghost Immobiliser)

Oldham (Ghost Immobiliser)

Are you a car owner based in Oldham? Are you looking to customise your vehicle with the vehicle with the very best security options available? Then look no further than the Ghost Immobiliser.

Car Specialist Customs is a leading provider of aftermarket vehicle solutions including security, and so much more. Based a short drive away in Rochdale, our services can not only have the ability to make your car stand out from the crowd, but also protected, giving you peace of mind.

Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser is an aftermarket security solution that prevents your vehicle from starting without a special fob, or a particular combination of buttons from your dashboard. It makes stealing a car impossible.

This means that in the case of any attempted theft, any wannabe thief will quickly find themselves embarrassed and hopefully captured after failing to figure out why the vehicle isn’t starting.

The Ghost Immobiliser is invisible, meaning there are no clear signs of its installation, so it can’t be found and removed. What’s more is that it can be installed on almost any vehicle. Want to enquire more about this incredible service? Simply click here.

Installing a Ghost Immobiliser

Bury (Ghost Immobiliser)

When installing a Ghost Immobiliser with Car Specialist Customs, we ensure that we not only clearly explain what to expect with the Ghost Immobiliser, but also all the technical features you should know.

Regarding the installation itself, there is an option for you to know where the unit will be installed. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it a mystery to yourself, with the installer being the only person who knows where it is.

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At Car Specialist Customs, we don’t just settle for the average, we take great pride in our wide range of specialist customisations. We are excited to serve our fellow car enthusiasts locally and further afield. Our first-class team is always on hand to provide expert information and professional installations. Got some questions? Contact us here.

Looking for more than just security options? Then browse our list of services below.


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