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Huddersfield (Ghost Immobiliser)

Huddersfield (Ghost Immobiliser)

Are you a car owner living in and around Huddersfield? Have you been struggling to find a full-proof security system for your car? Or are you struggling to find a reputable installer with fair pricing?

Luckily for you, Car Specialist Customs is the answer. With our Ghost Immobiliser installation service, you can experience one of the most robust security systems on the market, in addition to a friendly and affordable service that gives you everything you need to keep your car safe.

Based a short drive away in Rochdale, we have years of experience in providing best in class aftermarket customisation, whether it’s an aesthetic upgrade, security, or additional features. But a good-looking car is no good if it isn’t secure. So, let’s tell you some more about the Ghost Immobiliser.

Ghost Immobiliser

Be done with the basics and upgrade to the Ghost Immobiliser, the premium after-market security system that leaves a thief powerless to steal your vehicle.

The Ghost Immobiliser operates by allowing your engine to start once a specific code has been inputted that you can choose yourself. This secret activation code, if selected cleverly, can be activated so discreetly, that even your passengers will be none the wiser of your unparalleled security system.

The Ghost Immobiliser will leave thieves frustrated, due to our expert installation resulting in an invisible installation. Without removing the interior of the vehicle, it is impossible to find the device and disable it.

Thieves operate as quickly as possible, and with the Ghost Immobiliser, they lose every precious second they need, giving the authorities a higher chance of capturing them. Find out more about our Ghost Immobiliser service here.

Explore our services

Explore our services

At Car Specialist Customs, we don’t just settle for the average, we take great pride in our wide range of specialist customisations. We are excited to serve our fellow car enthusiasts locally and further afield. Our first-class team is always on hand to provide expert information and professional installations. Got some questions? Contact us here.

Looking for more than just security options? Then browse our list of services below.


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