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How Do I Get Rid of Ghost Immobiliser?


A Ghost Immobiliser is one of the most full-proof after-market security solutions available today, but for those looking to upgrade their vehicle, and wanting to take their Ghost Immobiliser with them, what are their options?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How do I get rid of Ghost Immobiliser.?’

the keyless entry has become a common feature that criminals capitalise on by finding ways to ‘hack’ the mechanism and break into your car in as little as 20-30 seconds.

As contactless theft becomes an ever-growing threat to car safety, it’s understandable that many are looking into security solutions that prevent it, which is where Ghost 2 Immobilisers come into the picture.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost 2 Immobiliser  is a security device that can be installed in your vehicle discreetly, (without causing any damage to the vehicle) it works by preventing your engine to start unless certain buttons within your car are pressed in a specific sequence. Similar to a password on your phone, but instead using the buttons in your car.

The Ghost 2 Immobiliser  serves as a discreet method of security as the ‘password’ of buttons you press is only known to you, and if your car is ever broken into thieves will not be aware of the sequence needed to unlock your vehicle. As a result, thieves will not be able to start the car at all, deterring them further so they leave.

How does it work?

They work by preventing your engine from working unless an additional, unique pin number or code sequence is entered alongside your key fob. This helps to prevent thieves from driving away with your vehicle, which may encourage them to leave it alone altogether.

Your chosen pin code can be entered by pressing a pattern of existing electronic buttons on your steering wheel, in an app, on the door panel or on the central console. Because the device is invisible, you have the added benefit of stealth, which can prevent anyone from trying to tamper with it, and the device only takes seconds to use.

What about installation & maintenance?

One of the most attractive features of the Ghost 2 Immobiliser is the fact that it can be fitted without any marks to the internal body of the vehicle. This means that it leaves no lasting damage to your car, which can be highly attractive for those who plan on reselling or developing their existing model.

Car care is a big part of the world today, with a study concluding that 63% of people like to clean their car because it is a pride and joy in their life. With more and more people putting emphasis on their cars, so it’s only natural for some to choose to improve their security at the same time with the use of a Ghost 2 Immobiliser.

The device is also low-maintenance It has a connection to the CAN (Controller Area Network) and operates through the ECU (Engine Control Unit), and can be installed in a hidden location, works silently, has no radio signals and is unrecognisable to the untrained eye.

For added security, only the Ghost 2 Immobiliser fitters themselves are aware of the location of the device.

Whilst a wheel lock can be cut off, a car’s wires can be jumped, or a universal key can be applied, a Ghost 2 Immobiliser cannot be found or detected in time to make a speedy getaway.

One of its added benefits is that, if you choose to be, you can be the only person who knows where it is located, and that it even exists. Because of this, thieves can be left wondering why your vehicle will not start, which can lead to them assuming that it is broken and leaving it be.

Can I Install a ghost immobiliser myself?

Ghost Immobilisers can be fit by yourself, however, we at Car Specialist Customs do not recommend this for people who have no experience in installing aftermarket security solutions.

Ghost Immobilisers benefit by having there systems being hidden within your car, this means that potential thieves will have immense difficulty in finding & deactivating the immobiliser. Having your ghost immobilisers installed by us means that only we know where it will be (if you choose not to know).

We are professional and experienced installers of Ghost Immobilisers, we leave no indication as to where it was installed, whilst also testing it after installation to make sure it is working as it should be.

How do I get rid of Ghost Immobiliser?

You may be opting to remove your ghost immobiliser when getting a new vehicle for example, the good news is, you can remove them if you need to.

When it comes to how to remove a Ghost Immobiliser, we recommend you do not remove it yourself unless you installed it or have experience successfully doing this. The reason being, is that the system directly affects your engine, and any mishandling of removal may damage the engine.

If you have had a Ghost Immobiliser installed by us and would like it removed, or are looking for guidance for removal, don’t hesitate to contact us to see where we can help you.

There may be instances where you need to turn off your Ghost Immobiliser for services such as a valet or servicing. If this is your need then here is how to activate Service/Valet mode on your Ghost Immobiliser according to the AutoWatch website.

How to enter service/valet mode

  1. Disarm the system using your disarm sequence or mobile app
  2. Drive to, and park up at the dealership, airport, valeter’s etc and while the engine is still running, turn the app completely off then press your service button 5 times
  3. The indication lamp will flash back at you 5 times to confirm service/valet mode has been entered

How to exit service/valet mode manually

  1. Simply enter your normal disarm sequence (must have an ignition cycle since service mode was entered)
  2. There will be the normal disarm 2 flash confirmation
  3. The next time the ignition is switched off the Ghost will rearm as normal

How service/valet mode exits automatically

  1. Drive up to 31 mph (50 kph)
  2. Continue to drive (at any speed) for 15 minutes
  3. Once the time as elapsed there will be 2 flashes to indicate that service / valet mode has exited

Note 1: If you switch off the ignition before the 15 minutes time has elapsed the Ghost will stay in service / valet mode

Note 2: Should you not know what your service button is, contact autowatch or your installation company.

Security alternatives – The Pandora Alarm

The Pandora Alarm is a security system that protects your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing, hijacking and tampering. This is achieved by using not one but two immobilizers, which are electronic devices that stop the car’s engine from starting without the correct key or fob.

Pandora Alarms also have smart-device compatibility via the Pandora app, giving you full control of your system and an instant update of the current status of your car.

Additional features of the Pandora Alarm

  • Next-gen encryption: Everything in the Pandora alarm uses 128bit encryption. This prevents code-grabbing or relay boosting, ensuring another comprehensive layer of security agains thieves.
  • Phone notification: With the ability to customise notifications, you can be notified via call, text, or app alerts as soon as the system detected an incongruency in it’s environment.
  • Control from afar: Through the app, you are able to start your car remotely, arm or disarm the alarm system and control your vehicle regardless of where you are. Presenting the future of premium security.
  • Next generation smart sensors: The Pandora alarm systems come with dual shock, tilt, motion and internal sensors, which will protect your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering. Using special algorithms with customisable sensitivity creates a unique sensor which can be adjusted to your needs, meaning your alarm won’t go off over the slightest of movements.

Whether you want your Pandora Alarm system installed by us, or if you want to buy one and install it yourself, we have you covered. To make an investment in the next generation of vehicle preservation, whilst securing your vehicle click here to get your quote, or click here to browse our stock of Pandora Alarm systems.

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We at Car Specialist Customs hope this has been an insightful and helpful resource for you, answering questions you may have had whilst providing an in-depth and thorough breakdown by answering the question ‘How do I get rid of Ghost Immobiliser’ whilst sharing, our services in addition to the top-quality products that we offer.

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