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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Decals

How Can Car Specialist Customs Help You?

Custom decals are a unique addition to add to your vehicle. Although for someone who is new to them, you may need a lot more information before committing to buying a custom decal.

In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about custom decals.

The UK automotive aftermarket industry is thriving, ranking fourth in Europe and ninth in the world in terms of size, and turning over an annual £21.1 billion.

The sector supports 345,600 jobs and contributes £12.2 billion each year to the economy. And it is growing: the sector’s value is set to rise to £28 billion by 2022.

That’s why we at Car Specialist Customs are here to provide you with all the information you require to get the best car customisation possible, whilst being as informed as possible.

Do custom decals have any specific purpose?

Do custom decals have any specific purpose?

In most cases, a custom decal on your vehicle can be a purely aesthetic choice. They allow you to express your individuality in a clear and cool way that instantly adds a level of character to your vehicle.

In other cases, a custom decal can serve as an indicator to other drivers, this can help to prevent certain drivers from becoming frustrated with your driving style, depending on the situation.

For example, you can get a custom decal that says ‘baby on board’ letting other drivers know to mind their driving and at the same time, understand your situation. Another example can be a custom decal indicating you have a black box on your vehicle, this can be very helpful when it comes to inconsiderate drivers.

What kind of custom decals aren’t allowed?

There are certain kinds of custom decals that may not be allowed to be applied, this includes decals that…

  • Obscure your windscreen to a degree where your vision is obstructed.
  • Covers your rear or front lights/ number plates.
  • Contains offensive or inappropriate imagery.
  • Copyrighted or trademarked imagery, such as certain logos.
  • Hate speech or language that incites violence.
  • Some decals are also tinted, applying this on windscreens may be an issue if it reduces your visibility to a certain point.

By going through an experienced installer for your custom decal, they can guide you correctly regarding what can and shouldn’t be done regarding your design and placement.

Everything you need to know about custom decals

Everything you need to know about custom decals

Custom decals are essentially stickers that can be added to various surfaces, including vehicles. We will explain everything you need to know about custom decals.

What is a custom decal?

A custom decal is a sticker that is commonly made from vinyl, but can be made from other materials too.

What makes it custom?

Custom decals are classified as custom as they are designed from scratch, whereas store-bought stickers are already produced without your input.

Custom decals can include:

  • Images – Whether this is photos, logos, artwork, almost anything!
  • Text —This can include quotes, funny messages, lyrics, name/ other text.
  • Size and shape – Because the decal is custom, the size, and shape you are after is achievable!

What are the benefits of a custom decal?

  • They can be used as a form of marketing for your business.
  • In most cases, they are not restricted in terms of what you can have on it.
  • They are versatile. Although this blog deals with custom decals for vehicles, most custom decals can be applied on most flat surfaces.
  • They can be a subtle form of decoration, or a unique artistic statement.

What’s the difference between a custom decal and custom vehicle wrap?

Custom vehicle wraps are generally larger designs that can cover a significant portion or the entire car. The custom decal offers a smaller level of cover, and doesn’t have the potential to change the whole colour of the vehicle like a coloured vehicle wrap.

Where can you get a custom decal?

Custom decals can be obtained from…

  • Online printing services — Some websites allow you to upload your design and decide your material and size preferences.
  • Print shops — There are some printing shops that can offer custom decal prints.
  • Design and print companies — design and print companies can offer a more in-depth level of assistance for your design.
  • Car customisation services — Because custom decals for cars may require an in-person consultation, a customisation service that offers custom decals such as Car Specialist Customs is the best way to go. Additionally, a customisation service will provide guidance regarding any legalities.

Who can’t get a custom decal?

Custom decals are available to anyone in a vast majority of cases. That being said, if you apply a custom decal on a surface that you aren’t allowed to, such as public property, someone else’s property, or government property, they may be confiscated from you.

What is the best way a custom decal can get applied?

By visiting an established and experienced creator and installer of custom decals such as Car Specialist Customs, you are ensuring the best possible process of creation and application for your custom decal. Here is our general process.

The consultation

The first stage of our process is the consultation. From this, we find out what you want from this process. You don’t have to have an exact image ready at this point, that being said, having reference photos, and a general idea of what you are after can make this process very smooth.

The design

Our design process begins shortly after the consultation. Our talented designers will create ideas for a custom decal based on your design request. This process can vary in length as we work closely with you to ensure the design appeals to you.


The final part of the process is producing the custom decal once you are happy with it. After this point, you can choose to receive your decal or have it applied, which may be a smarter option depending on the size of the custom decal.

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How Car Stickers Can Improve & Enhance Your Vehicle

Our team members at Car Specialist Customs are extremely passionate and proud of the multiple services and products we provide for the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

As a fully insured and approved installer, catering to the needs of vehicle owners of Greater Manchester and beyond, we are proud to let you know that we offer services for the following:


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We will always go above expectations to make your car feel special to you. With even more services and options becoming available in the future, Car Specialist Customs is the home of making any car unique, secure and special.

See what we can do for you today, we hope the details we shared have helped you decide to take a step forward in personalising your vehicle with our unique service.

In this blog, we aimed to have shown you everything you need to know about custom decals. Whilst also providing supplementary information that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to investing in customisation options for your vehicle.

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