Everything You Need to Know About Car Dechroming

Car dechroming is an optional process that can breathe new life into your vehicle. But what is it? How does it work? And can anyone do it? Or is it a job for a professional?

In this blog, we will show you everything you need to know about car dechroming.

The UK automotive aftermarket industry is thriving, ranking fourth in Europe and ninth in the world in terms of size, and turning over an annual £21.1 billion.

The sector supports 345,600 jobs and contributes £12.2 billion each year to the economy. And it is growing: the sector’s value is set to rise to £28 billion by 2022.

That’s why we at Car Specialist Customs are here to provide you with all the information you require to get the best car customisation possible, whilst being as informed as possible.

How do I dechrome my car?

Everything You Need to Know About Car Dechroming

Dechroming your car can be done in more than one way, whether that is a vinyl wrap or using plasti dip. Both methods would require additional tools to facilitate the dechroming. An alternative is by using a professional service that can do this, whilst discussing the pros and cons of each option for your vehicle specifically.

Should I dechrome my car?

Dechroming a vehicle is a personal choice, it has a wide range of aesthetic benefits if done correctly. If you are set on dechroming your car, it is best to get it done professionally for a seamless finish.

Dechroming can be done by yourself, however, if you have a lack of experience, or tools, you may cause damage to your vehicle, or make the finished result look unprofessional. Additionally, doing this process yourself can be quite time-consuming. So ensuring you have enough time to apply it to the vehicle, letting it settle, without having to drive it again is critical.

A rushed process will result in a botched job that would likely come off itself or will not last long at all, or provide the desired effect.

Why do people dechrome cars?

There are multiple reasons as to why someone would dechrome their car, here are the key reasons that people usually opt for this process.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The primary benefit of dechroming is achieving a more modern and sleek look. By replacing the shiny chrome accents with a matte black, gloss black, or even a different coloured vinyl wrap, you can create a cleaner, streamlined appearance. This can be especially attractive for older cars where chrome might look dated.
  • Personalization: Dechroming allows you to customize your car’s appearance and make it stand out. You can choose a wrap colour that complements your car’s paint job, or even add unique designs or patterns (depending on the method used).
  • Potentially Improved Resale Value: A well-maintained car with a tasteful dechroming job might be more appealing to certain buyers, potentially increasing its resale value. However, this depends on the overall condition of the car and local market preferences.
  • Minor Protection: The vinyl wrap used in dechroming can provide a thin layer of protection for the underlying chrome from minor scratches and environmental wear. However, it’s not a substitute for a proper car paint protection film.

What is the process of Dechroming?

Everything You Need to Know About Car Dechroming

The process of dechroming your vehicle will vary depending on the method you opt for, and whether you do it yourself or see a professional. With Car Specialist Customs, we have professional experience in dechroming. Below is a brief outline of our process.

We undertake the steps of consulting with you to find your dechroming goals and work on things like surface preparation. Chromed component removal is something that involves a lot of work, and we tackle this by removing and trimming the accents, leaving a clean and seamless finish.

There are plenty of other factors to consider too, such as surface refinishing, which we take charge of, and working on customisation, if this is something that fits with your wants or needs. Quality assurance plays a huge part in making your vehicle better, and is a core part of our dechroming process moving forward.

How long does it take to dechrome a car?

Multiple factors affect the speed of dechroming a car. The first factor is how you choose to do it. If you are using a vinyl wrap, it can take 2–3 hours, whereas plasti dip can take 1–2 hours.

The timings of these processes can increase dramatically based on the amount of chrome on your vehicle that you would like covering, and if you are doing it yourself. Reducing the amount of time for application can be done by using a professional service to dechrome your car.

How much does a car dechrome cost?

The cost of dechroming a car is not standardised due to the fact that each car will have a different amount of chrome on it depending on its size and model. Additionally, the rates of the service you use will vary. Obtaining quotes from different dechroming providers will be the best way to find the price that works for you.

How long does dechroming last?

Depending on the method you opt for, dechroming can last a number of years with a proper car. Vinyl wrap dechroming can last 4–5 years, whereas Plasti dip can last a couple of years. If harsh temperatures, strong hoses used in car washes, and accidents are avoided, they may last longer.

Is Dechrome reversible?

Essentially, yes. As both of the dechroming options eventually lose their effectiveness over time, they can simply be removed, which in turn exposes your original chrome features of your vehicle.

There is also a chance to have the process reversed after application. Although there may be difficulties in some cases, vinyl wraps can potentially be removed potentially with little to no issue if you end up preferring the chrome look.

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Dechroming

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In this blog, we aimed to have shown you everything you need to know about car dechroming. Whilst also providing supplementary information that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to investing in customisation options for your vehicle.

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