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Can You Put Stars in Any Car? Starlight Headliner UK

Can You Put Stars in Any Car? Starlight Headliner UK

At Car Specialist Customs, we take pride in the wide variety of options we offer to make your car a unique expression of who you are. One of our popular customisation options is our starlight

The UK automotive aftermarket is thriving, ranking fourth in Europe and ninth in the world in terms of size, and turning over an annual £21.1 billion.

The sector supports 345,600 jobs and contributes £12.2 billion each year to the economy. And it is growing: the sector’s value is set to rise to £28 billion by 2022.

starlights are the latest in a long line of aftermarket customisation, and one of the most intricate and unique options you can choose.

In this article, we will be explaining this distinguished and fashionable accessory for your car. We will be answering the question, ‘can you put stars in any car?’

First up, let’s explore what exactly starlights are.

What are starlights?

time-lapse driving

If you’ve ever taken the time to look at the sky during the night, you will be met with a beautiful constellation of stars. At Car Specialist Customs, we can offer you the subtle and illuminating beauty of a star-filled night, on the interior roof of your car.

What makes our starlights special is that instead of being made from LED lights, they are made from fibre optic lights, these are lights that are refracted through fibre optic cables.

These lights are overhead, so they will not be an obstruction when you do drive. And there are now laws against the usage of this accessory in this car. They are completely legal.

The true level of customisation for our starlights is massive, available in a wide range of colours with up to 500+ different options! You can choose white, several base colours or different variations.

Additionally, You can even also control how the lights twinkle, or if they stay on. The car starlight headliner can be optimised to twinkle at its own rate.

To add an extra layer of personality to your starlights, you can download an additional app to control the rate of twinkling to a level that you see fit. The starlights are controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth.

For complete peace of mind, there is a lifetime warranty. So if one or more of your lights burn out, we can replace them for you under warranty, or if anything else should happen.

Our car roof starlight technicians know how to dismantle and remove the roof lining to install the lights, then reinstall it back in place perfectly. We are experienced in working on a wide range of different vehicles from different manufacturers.

Car Specialist Customs has taken the Starlight headliners to another level. Our Starlight kits represent what we were founded on:  hard work, dedication and passion. The result is a heavenly feel above your head, and for your passengers whenever you are in your vehicle.

Can you put stars in any car?

Starlights can be added to almost any vehicle. The process of installation is as follows.

  • The process starts by disconnecting all dome, map lights and other trim pieces and removing the vehicle’s headliner.
  • Hundreds of small holes then need to be drilled or pinned in the top of the headliner mould, to fit the fibre optic lights, which are individually carefully placed just above the headliner fabric.
  • These lights are then attached by adhesive and then stranded together to be run to the location of the Light Source, typically in the trunk, rear seats, or under the vehicle’s dash, wherever you choose.
  • The process can take many hours, depending on the number of lights you’re installing.

Unfortunately, convertible top cars, whether it’s a soft or hard hood are not able to have starlights installed, this is because the retracting and folding of the roof will potentially damage the wiring and lights.

That being said, cars with sunroofs can have starlights installed. Our expert technicians can install starlights to your desired specification. As long as your roof is not convertible, it can be done.

Compliment your starlights today

window tint installation

An amazing way to compliment your starlights is the addition of tinting your windows.

The team at Car Specialist Customs offers traditional window tinting in shades from 70% to 5%.

Aside from the joint aesthetic appeal of tinted windows and starlight headliners, tinted windows hold these benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of brightness and UV rays allowed into your car
  • Reduces the amount of heat that can enter via sunlight
  • Provides privacy and a deterrent from would-be thieves

Of course, there are some legal requirements for tinting certain windows. Read our blog to get all the relevant information you need today.

In addition to traditional tinting, we also offer the special option of the chameleon tint

Chameleon tints:

Chameleon tints are proving to be a vibrant and unique option in customising your car, the dynamic properties of the films gave a “Chameleon” like effect to the windscreen resulting in an area of colours that changes as the day does.

Instead of the usual grey or dark grey, chameleon tints reflect the light in the sky. For example, if it’s a beautiful day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, that’s what you’ll see in your vehicle’s window. The tint has a mirrored effect but is perfectly clear from the inside.

The most amazing selling point of this particular tint is that it still retains the original benefits that come with a standard window tint. With options in Aqua Blue, Cadbury Purple and Sunset Orange, take a look for yourself on our site.

Because of its newfound popularity, many enthusiasts have been left asking whether or not chameleon tints are actually legal; UK laws are known to be extremely tight in regards to tinting your car, with an Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice (EFPN) being issued to those found breaking the law (meaning three points on their driving licence and a fine).

The chameleon tint is completely legal to have on the front windscreen in most vehicles as it lets in more than 75% of the light. This means that, although prices may vary for consumers, they will remain low and your modification will remain legal within the UK.

Chameleon tints are legal, but there can be heavy punishments if it is done incorrectly or if the tint is too much. For all accepted mechanics and agencies, it is illegal to fit or sell glass that breaks the rules on tinted windows.

If a vehicle is suspected to have broken the rules, the police or the DVLA vehicle examiners will use light measuring equipment to measure the window tint. If any windows are tinted too much, you could get a ‘prohibition notice’ stopping you from using your vehicle on the road until you have the extra tint removed or a penalty notice – with a court summons in extreme cases.

For a quick, precise and professional installation of your chameleon tints or any window tinting you choose to have on your vehicle, Car Specialist Customs is the best option to take your car to the next level, whilst still in full compliance with the law.

The best starlight installers

Ford Mustang

If you’d like more information about our services and products, or clarity on how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our specialist team provides around-the-clock quality care and services to help you find the product or service that fits your needs.

To reach us and get more information today, you can contact Car Specialist Customs at 07523 971347 or use our email at for the quickest responses and swift support from members of our team.

Alternatively, if you prefer to browse independently, you can find a portfolio of our work here with plenty of photos to show off our quality. Whatever you choose to do, we have no doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

We hope to have answered the question “Can you put stars in any car?” for more insightful articles on the services we offer and questions we want to help address, head over to our blog page.

We at Car Specialist Customs hope this has been an insightful and helpful resource for you, answering questions you may have had whilst providing an in-depth and thorough breakdown of our services along with the top-quality products that we offer.

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